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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
Cabe Kate 6740 HH320G MS9103
Library/Archives Paraprofess 5 Western Libraries
Cagampang Kelsie 4065 HU225 MS9054
HR Analyst Human Resources
Cahill Susan 3981 MH201D MS9040
Admin Services Manager A Special Education
Cain Andrew 3723 MH417A MS9040
Calderon Dolores 2880 FA335 MS9118
Associate Professor Fairhaven College
Calderon-Smith Desiree 3021 FH11 MS9106
Early Childhood Program Spec 3 Child Development Ctr
Califf Christopher 4817 PH039 MS9077
Assistant Professor Decision Sciences
Camacho Gustavo 7382 PA147 MS9107
Assistant Professor Music
Camacho Kate 2991 HU239 MS9054
HR Consultant Assistant 2 Human Resources
Camacho Laura 7382 PA147 MS9107
Instructor Music
Camarillo Emmanuel 2456 VU420G MS9024
Academic Support Coordinator Student Outreach Services
Camlin Cynthia 3747 FI240B MS9068
Associate Professor Art
Campanilla Felix 4973 AH106 MS9121
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Campbell Gerard 4496 PH407 MS9077
Professor Decision Sciences
Campbell Sarah 4793 AH342 MS9083
Professor Anthropology
Canady Paula (360) 475-7269 Bremerton MS1699
Instructor Teacher Ed Outreach Pgms
Cantle Jeff 6869 AI188 MS9172
Post-Doctoral Fellow Psychology
Cantlon Amy 2346 OM320B MS9017
Assistant to AVP of ESS Enrollment & Student Services
Caplan-Auerbach Jackie 4153 ES236 MS9080
Associate Professor Geology
Capron Clara 2422 OM320A MS9017
Asst VP Enroll/Student Svcs Enrollment & Student Services
Carbajal Amy 7967 MH216B MS9097
Senior Instructor Modern & Classical Languages
Carbajal Brent 3547 OM460 MS9033
Provost/VP Academic Affairs Provost's Office
Carbone Geno 7697 PP227 MS9114
Insulation Worker Lead Facilities Management
Card Steven 3489 CV130L MS9066
Dir Athletics Athletics
Carey Brent 2529 EH108 MS9195
Web Systems Developer University Residences
Carlson Christina 3327 MH401A MS9089
Program Coordinator Secondary Education
Carlson Julia 4453 ET204 MS9086
Instructor Engineering & Design
Carlson Michelle 3706 VU506 MS9105
Office Assistant 3 Student Life
Carlton Gary 3149 CB150 MS9150
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 4 Chemistry
Carmean Stephen MS
Carmichael Roderick 4202 PH214 MS9073
Instructor Finance & Marketing
Carnevale Dan 2885 ES508 MS9079
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Scientific Technical Services
Carney Joanne 2163 MH303C MS9092
Professor Elementary Education
Carney Laura 3308 CH202A MS9102
Extended Education
Carpenter Ron 2308 CS142 MS9130
Campus Police Sergeant Police
Carr Dana 2084 OM433E MS9034
Program Assistant University Advancement
Carroll David 2251 MH302A MS9092
Professor Elementary Education
Carroll Jeff 2928 AI592 MS9172
Associate Professor Psychology
Carter Markland 3420 PP208 MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
Carter Megan 4565 MH002C MS9040
Tutor 3 Special Education
Carter Teyra 7700 PP113 MS9122
Administrative Assistant 3 Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Cary-Eaves Liam 3432 OM230 MS9008
Program Assistant Registrar's Office
Casquilho Chris 2829 HSH MS9109
Mgr Marketing & Special Events College Fine & Performing Arts
Casson Charlotte 3565 HU215 MS9054
HR Consultant Assistant 2 Human Resources
Castillo Tina 7946 OM200 MS9009
Admissions Counselor Admissions
Castro Enrique 3420 PP224 MS9114
Grounds & Nursery Serv Spec 3 Facilities Management
Cattarin Randi 3473 OM270 MS9006
Program Coordinator Financial Aid
Caulfield Kimberly 3708 MH417A MS9187
Program Manager A Educational Administration
Cecka Janna 3347 MH401C MS9089
Program Manager A Secondary Education
Celec Sandy 4084 HH320 MS9103
Library/Archives Paraprofess 4 Western Libraries
Cerretti Josh 6416 BH350 MS9061
Assistant Professor History
Chaffee Lucas 3801 BH430 MS9063
Visiting Assistant Professor Mathematics
Chala Elzbieta 3154 OM437 MS9121
Custodian 3 Facilities Management
Chalice Donald 3454 BH230 MS9063
Associate Professor Mathematics
Chalmers Gordon 3113 CV201G MS9067
Professor Health & Human Development
Chamberlin Liz (360) 535-4560 Bremerton MS1699
Instructor Teacher Ed Outreach Pgms
Chan Teresa 3021 FC MS9118
Office Assistant 3 Child Development Ctr
Chan Victor 7260 BH176 MS9063
Associate Professor Mathematics
Chandran Devyani 2579 MH316B MS9091
Associate Professor Human Svcs & Rehabilitation
Chapman Lori 3818 CF385 MS9164
Office Assistant 3 Physics/Astronomy
Chavez Maria 2199 AH315 MS9083
Senior Instructor Anthropology
Chawla Tanveer 2533 ET115 MS9086
Assistant Professor Engineering & Design
Chen Hanmei 2378 PH431 MS9071
Associate Professor Accounting
Chen Paul 4876 AH436 MS9082
Associate Professor Political Science
Chen Xiaofeng 3913 PH207 MS9077
Assistant Professor Decision Sciences
Chen Yongjun 3128 CB441 MS9150
Research Associate 1 Chemistry
Cheng Stephanie 2345 OM200 MS9009
Admissions Counselor Admissions
Chervenock Roger 3101 PP MS9114
Control Technician Facilities Management
Chiabai Sara 3554 MH254D MS9088
Director of Development, WCE WWU Foundation
Childs Dawn 4990 AC215 MS1450
IT Specialist 3 Telecommunications Services
Childs Holly 3919 MH223A MS9097
Admin Services Manager A Modern & Classical Languages
Chittick Hailey 3307 OM345 MS9021
Administrative Assistant 3 Equal Opp & Employ Diversity
Christianson Heather 2079 OM230 MS9008
Program Support Supervisor 2 Registrar's Office
Christman Maureen 3030 BH152 MS9064
Admin Services Manager A Liberal Studies
Christopherson Jayson 3555 CS113 MS9130
Campus Police Officer Police
Chu Marilyn 2737 MH302B MS9092
Professor Elementary Education
Chun Jina (425) 405-1644 Everett MS1288
Instructor Human Svcs & Rehabilitation
Church KaSandra 7957 VU506E MS9105
Suicide Prevention Coord Counseling Center
Ciao Anna 3539 AI492 MS9172
Assistant Professor Psychology
Claiborne Bruce (360) 598-4460 Poulsbo MS0903
Educational Programs Director Extended Education
Clark Catherine 2129 CV201D MS
Professor Chemistry
Clark Christopher (360) 417-6523 Port Angeles MS6698
Environmental Studies
Clark Doug 7939 ES210 MS9080
Associate Professor Geology
Clark John 6819 VC527 MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
Clark Katie 3785 BH202 MS9063
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Mathematics
Clark Kenzie 3333 HH123 MS9059
Computer Assistant 1 ATUS
Clark Robert 6193 HH113B MS9059
Mgr Digital Video Services Academic Technology
Clarke Michele 6579 EH103 MS9195
Fiscal Specialist 1 University Residences
Clarke Teresa 2087 OM309 MS9009
Program Specialist 2 Admissions
Clauson Aran 3819 CF411 MS9165
Senior Instructor Computer Science
Cleveland Paul 3420 PP MS9114
Utility Worker 2 Facilities Management
Clossey Sandra 4000 AH444 MS9128
Administrative Assistant 3 Morse Institute for Leadership
Clumpner Roy MS
Health & Human Development
Cochran Heather 6576 MH204B MS9040
Senior Instructor SPEL-EDAD
Cocke Paul 3350 OM375B MS9011
Dir Comm & Univ Relations Ofc of Communications/Mrkting
Coffey Sydney 3515 AI532 MS9172
Research Technologist 1 Psychology
Cohen Jessica 3830 BH180 MS9063
Associate Professor Mathematics
Cole Karen 7762 OM305A MS9009
Program Coordinator Admissions
Coleman Brett 4467 MH316D MS9091
Assistant Professor Health & Community Studies
Colen Elizabeth 4669 HU259 MS9055
Instructor English
Collins Freddy 7950 OM200 MS9009
Admissions Counselor Admissions
Collins Frederick 3731 VU150B MS9106
Asst Dir Outdoor Recreation Outdoor Center
Collins Renee 2455 OM390A MS9024
Associate Dean of Students Student Outreach Services
Colman Sharon 3479 AC115 MS1430
Mgr Business/Financial Systems Business & Financial Systems
Colvin Erin 2625 CF409 MS9165
Instructor Computer Science
Conforti Kevin 3687 CS106 MS9130
Locksmith Supervisor Facilities Management
Conforti-Anderson Paula 3400 CS202 MS9132
Patient Services Rep Student Health Center
Connell Georgianne 6796 BI338 MS9160
Senior Instructor Biology
Connell Joan 3269 CF258 MS9161
Instructor Journalism
Connell Travis 3493 CV230D MS9066
Head Womens Soccer Coach Athletics
Conton Leslie 4904 FA337 MS9118
Fairhaven College
Conway Margie 7507 OM307 MS9009
Asst Dir Admissions & Info Sys Admissions
Cook Jennifer 2390 VU431 MS9106
Club Activities Coordinator Viking Union
Cooper Austin 3915 OM470E MS9033
Asst Dir Acad Budg & Admin Academic Affairs
Corbin Hope 7247 MH317B MS9091
Associate Professor Human Svcs & Rehabilitation
Coskie Tracy 2164 MH301E MS9092
Professor Elementary Education
Coslett Daniel 2138 FI240D MS9068
Instructor Art & Art History
Costanzo Susan 3062 BH346 MS9061
Associate Professor History
Costello Timothy 2503 WL494 MS9125
Dir Ctr for Service Learning Ctr for Service Learning
Coulter Gail 2667 MH201E MS9040
Professor Special Education
Countryman Christa 6101 OM430B MS9034
Mgr Corporate Partnerships University Advancement
Covey Kevin 3837 CF365 MS9164
Assistant Professor Physics/Astronomy
Covington Marcus 3333 HH123 MS9059
Computer Assistant 1 ATUS
Cowan Gail 4422 AH303 MS9084
Administrative Assistant 3 Institute for Energy Studies
Cox Gregory 7382 PA147 MS9107
Instructor Music
Crabtree Jennifer 2560 OM270A MS9006
Program Coordinator Financial Aid
Cranston Nathan 3664 FI203 MS9068
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Art
Craswell Keith 3793 BH436 MS9063
Instructor Mathematics
Crawford Sarah 6106 HU243 MS9054
Asst Dir Payroll & Info Svcs Human Resources
Crawford Seth 4965 SP200 MS9121
Maintenance Specialist 4 Facilities Management
Creel Dave 4975 HH145 MS9059
IT Specialist 3 Academic Technology
Crook David 6213 CH112 MS9102
IT Specialist 3 Extended Education
Cruz Rafael 3556 EA119 MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Cuaresma Sharon 3336 MH300 MS9092
Elementary Education
Cuban Sondra 2977 MH417D MS9091
Professor Health & Community Studies
Cuene-Watson Sara 3400 CS243 MS9132
Physician Student Health Center
Cueto Desiree 2339 MH305A MS9092
Assistant Professor Elementary Education
Cullup Ryan 7581 PP227 MS9114
Facility Services Coordinator Facilities Management
Cully Amy 2096 CB200A MS9150
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 4 Chemistry
Culver Kathleen 7658 OM430E MS9034
Spec Asst VP Univ Advancement WWU Foundation
Cunningham Mick 4881 AH514 MS9081
Professor Sociology
Curd Paul (425) 405-1644 Everett MS1288
Instructor Health & Community Studies
Curgus Branko 3484 BH178 MS9063
Professor Mathematics
Currier Deb 2387 PA387 MS9108
Associate Professor Theatre Arts
Curry Debbie 2833 OM445 MS9001
Administrative Assistant 3 Enrollment & Student Services
Curtis Emily 4947 HU253 MS9055
Instructor English
Cushman Jeremy 6104 HU363 MS9055
Associate Professor English
Cvetkovich George MS
Cwalina Debby 3229 HU229 MS9054
Class/Comp Manager Human Resources
Czapiewski Jim 3770 CM120 MS5996
Mail Processing-Driver Mail Services
Czopp Alex 3573 AI192 MS9172
Associate Professor Psychology

Unless otherwise noted, (area code)-prefix is (360)-650.

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