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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
Wagar Brenda 4534 OM110 MS9004
Fiscal Specialist 1 Student Business Office
Wagar Travis 3420 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Wahl Charlie 3420 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Walcheff Tyler MH300 MS9092
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Elementary Education
Waldo Tyson 6159 AH202 MS9085
Senior Instructor Environmental Studies
Walentiny Charlie 3335 HH123 MS9059
IT Customer Support - Journey Academic Technology
Walker Amber 3984 OM230 MS9008
Program Specialist 2 Registrar's Office
Walker Billy 7508 PP MS9114
Electrician Supervisor Facilities Management
Walker Karen 2952 EH108A MS9195
Associate Director OCAST University Residences
Walker Kelley 4402 OM280 MS9002
IT Customer Support Student Success Initiatives
Walker Lucas 3202 PH MS9072
Instructor College of Business & Economic
Walker Lynne 2834 OM445 MS9001
Admin Assistant to VP for ESS Enrollment & Student Services
Walker Ryan 6142 OM330 MS9112
Instructor WWU Honors College
Walker Ryan 2402 CS007 MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
Walker Wendy ES539 MS
Senior Instructor Environmental Studies
Wall Zachery 3785 BH202 MS9063
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Mathematics
Wallace David MS
Wallace Jessica MH300 MS9092
Instructor Elementary Education
Wallin David 7526 AH310 MS9181
Professor Environmental Sciences
Walowski Kristina 4095 ES233A MS9080
Assistant Professor Geology
Waltrip Alex 3604 OM365 MS9028
Communications Consultant 4 Web Communications Tech
Walz Mychal Western on the Peninsula MS1601
Outreach & Continuing Education
Wandke Daman 3330 MH201 MS9040
Instructor Special Education
Wandler Charles 2831 ES508 MS9079
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Scientific Technical Services
Wang Adrienne 7484 BI312 MS9160
Assistant Professor Biology
Wang Alicia SV148 MS9098
Activity Coordinator Campus Recreation
Wang Grace 3278 AH212 MS9085
Professor Environmental Studies
Wang Jeremy 2695 OM390F MS9024
Academic Support Coordinator Student Outreach Services
Wang Jianglong 3869 CF279 MS9162
Professor Communication Studies
Wang Xi 2562 AH205 MS9084
Assistant Professor Institute for Energy Studies
Warburton Theresa 6241 HU381 MS9055
Associate Professor English
Ward Allison 4246 OM285 MS9006
Office Assistant 3 Financial Aid
Ware Molly 2068 MH403B MS9089
Associate Professor Secondary Education
Warner Daniel 3390 PH401 MS9071
Warner Mariah 7201 HH145 MS9059
IT System Admin - Journey Academic Technology
Warren Meg 6320 PH23 MS9075
Associate Professor Management
Warren Shannon 3373 SL250A MS9155
Project Director Science Math & Technology Ed
Washburn Alena 4045 HH320 MS9103
Library/Archive Paraprofess 3 Western Libraries
Washburn Nick 7709 CV201E MS9067
Associate Professor Health & Human Development
Wasserman Ryan 3860 BH302A MS9062
Professor Philosophy
Waterman Kitri 4027 AC217B MS1450
Network Architect/Engineer Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
Watson Alyssa 3785 BH202 MS9063
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Mathematics
Watson Anika 3785 HH MS9103
Assistant Head of Tutoring Cen Western Libraries
Watson Dorothy 3378 MH150 MS9090
Program Assistant WCE
Watson Jordan 3130 PA176 MS9107
Instructor Music
Watt Peggy 2338 CF265 MS9161
Associate Professor Journalism
Watts Liam 3785 BH202 MS9063
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Mathematics
Waxman Barbara 3327 MH400 MS9089
Senior Instructor Secondary Education
Weaver Lane 4089 PP209B MS9114
Fire Protection Engineer Facilities Management
Webb Sheila 6245 CF269 MS9161
Professor Journalism
Webber Bert 4675 AH217 MS9085
Environmental Studies
Weber Ed 3646 ES545 MS9079
Program Specialist 2 Huxley College
Weber Joe 3420 PP213 MS9114
Electrician - High Voltage Facilities Management
Webler Thomas 3286 AH209 MS9085
Institute for Energy Studies
Webster Grey 3827 MH005 MS9092
Program Assistant Woodring College of Education
Weed Katie 3122 HU375 MS9055
Instructor English
Wehrly Eric 4820 PH437 MS9073
Associate Professor Finance & Marketing
Wehrwein Scott 6327 CF471 MS3805
Assistant Professor Computer Science
Weinberg Steve 3233 AC235 MS1480
Asst Dir EAS Enterprise Application Svcs
Weiner Emily 2273 AL103A MS9034
Dir Foundation Relations WWU Foundation
Weis Amanda 3149 CB150 MS9150
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 4 Chemistry
Weisgerber Julie 7635 CV155D MS9066
Head Athletic Trainer Athletics
Weiss David 3478 AC114M MS1430
IT Business Analysis - Journey Business & Financial Systems
Weiss Rudolf HU253 MS
Modern & Classical Languages
Weitz Andrew BI MS9160
Instructor Biology
Weld Kathryn 2015 PA060 MS9107
Senior Instructor Music
Wesson Kathleen 3555 CS MS9130
Program Assistant Public Safety
West Kim 6586 FX1114 MS9118
Early Childhood Program Spec 2 Child Development Ctr
West-Gannon Maureen 3998 MH440 MS9000
President's Office
Westhoff Kami 6257 HU257 MS9055
Senior Instructor English
Westmoreland Amy 2889 VU751 WWU_MS9106
Dir, Multicultural Stdnt Srvcs Multicultural Student Services
Weston Michelle 4093 HH320 MS9103
Library/Archive Paraprofess 4 Western Libraries
Weyh John 3135 CB270 MS9150
Whalley Pamela 4823 PH38 MS9074
Dir Economics Education Center Economics
Whisenhunt Donald MS
Whitcomb Dennis 4864 BH301B MS9062
Professor Philosophy
White Donald 3295 PP108 MS9122
Construction Project Coord 3 Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
White Michael (360) 475-7269 Bremerton MS1699
Program Coordinator Outreach & Continuing Education
Whiting Cheryl 3858 OM200 MS9009
Program Support Supervisor 1 Admissions
Whitley Cameron 3618 AH527 MS9081
Assistant Professor Sociology
Whitman Grant CS132A MS9070
Safety Officer 3 Environmental Health & Safety
Wickell Jeanette 3130 PA273 MS9107
Instructor Music
Wickman Mark 3213 PP MS9114
Carpenter Lead Facilities Management
Widrig Judith 7640 PA273 MS9107
Senior Instructor Music
Wiebke Hannah 7204 EA113 MS9195
Resident Director Residence Life
Wiescher Erika 3268 OM280 MS9002
Health Prof/Grad Advisor Career Services Center
Wiggins Joy 2326 MH305C MS9092
Senior Instructor Elementary Education
Wilder Michael 3361 HH121C MS9059
Asst Dir ATUS Teach/Learn/Tech Academic Technology
Wilgress Renee 3400 CS 2nd Floor MS9132
Nurse Practitioner Student Health Center
Wilhelm Wendy MS
Finance & Marketing
Wilkens Drew PH351 MS9075
Grad Teaching/Research Asst IDEA Institute
Wilkinson George BI MS9160
Instructor Biology
Wilkinson Scott 3667 ES422 MS9079
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 4 Huxley College
Wilkinson Wes 3215 PP212 MS9114
Plumber/Pipefitter/Steamfitter Facilities Management
Williams Don MS
Williams Josh 6800 CV130E MS9066
Asst Director Athletic Comm Athletics
Williams Keith 3684 CS139 MS9130
Asst Dir Public Safety Public Safety
Williams Meghan 7642 HH320 MS9103
Library/Archive Paraprofess 3 Western Libraries
Williams Misti 7759 MH318C MS9091
Program Coordinator Health and Community Studies
Williams Ridley 3891 CF495 MS9165
Admin Services Manager B Computer Science
Williams Susanna 3210 MH250 MS9088
Program Coordinator Secondary Education
Williams Terrell PH415 MS9073
Finance & Marketing
Williamson Greg 3130 PA273 MS9107
Instructor Music
Willmuth Emily MH150 MS9090
Wills Maria 3955 Anacortes MS4042
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Wilson Donna 3164 OM540 MS9052
Patient Services Coordinator Counseling Center
Wilson Sara 4332 OM445 MS9001
Exec Dir, Stdnt Success Intvs Enrollment & Student Services
Win-Piazza Hla 2261 CB270 MS9150
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 4 Chemistry
Wineinger Cathy 4877 AH416 MS9082
Assistant Professor Political Science
Winn Hayden 2671 AB MS9061
Events Coordinator 1 History
Winter Julie 4857 MH215C MS9097
Senior Instructor Modern & Classical Languages
Winter Taya 7912 OM230 MS9008
Assistant Registrar Registrar's Office
Wirsching Tara BI MS9160
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Biology
Wise Christopher 3237 HU251 MS9055
Professor English
Wolch Nate CV102 MS9067
Instructor Health & Human Development
Wolf Stanley 3368 PP109 MS9122
Construction Project Coord 3 Facilities Management
Wolf Trina 3762 HH110 MS9058
Digital Printing Specialist Print & Copy Services
Wolfe-Lee Chyerl 3630 HU233 MS9054
Asst Vice President - HR Human Resources
Wolff Michael 2410 AH410 MS9082
Associate Professor Political Science
Woll John MS
Woll-Salkeld Holly 6511 CS136 MS9070
Safety Officer 2 Environmental Health & Safety
Wonder Bruce PH430 MS9075
Wonder Nicholas 2444 PH333 MS9073
Associate Professor Finance & Marketing
Wong Jane 7385 HU267 MS9055
Associate Professor English
Woodcock Jeff 6242 CF MS9165
Instructor Computer Science
Woods Kevin 3394 PA023 MS9107
Associate Professor Music
Woods Steven 4879 CF293 MS9162
Professor Communication Studies
Wooten D'Anthoni PA273 MS9107
Instructor Music
Wren Linda 7429 OM200 MS9009
Program Coordinator Admissions
Wright Adam 3204 PH327 MS9074
Assistant Professor Economics
Wright Dean 3246 CF278 MS9161
Instructor Journalism
Wright Suzi 7781 MH304A MS9092
Senior Instructor Elementary Education
Wu Julian 6122 MH217B MS9097
Associate Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Wuhr Cameron 7592 OM387 MS9024
Academic Support Coordinator Student Outreach Services
Wyckoff Ryan 3198 MG101 MS9121
Equipment Technician 3 Facilities Management

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