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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
Tadio Alex (425) 405-1630 Everett MS1288
Program Assistant Human Svcs & Rehabilitation
Tadlock Kathy 3545 HS008 MS9127
Program Manager A Print & Copy Services
Tag Stan 7669 FA338 MS9118
Professor Fairhaven College
Tag Sylvia 7992 WL272 MS9103
Research/Instr Svcs Librarian Western Libraries
Taggart Kelly 2213 FA MS9118
Early Childhood Program Spec 3 Fairhaven College
Takagi Midori 7381 FA315 MS9118
Associate Professor Fairhaven College
Talbot James 3582 ES240 MS9080
Talkington Tori 3682 FA346 MS9118
Operations Manager, Fairhaven Fairhaven College
Tanak Akarat SL 220 MS9155
Tanak Suppalerk 3336 MH301 MS9092
Elementary Education
Tarnu Daniel 4835 BH229 MS9063
Taylor Audrey 2204 PH451A MS9071
Professor Accounting
Taylor Matt 4408 AC238J MS1480
Sr Systems Analyst Enterprise Application Svcs
Taylor Michael 3097 WL674 MS9103
Special Collections Librarian Western Libraries
Tchekou Fabrice 2809 CH302 MS9102
Graphic Designer Senior Outreach & Continuing Education
Tedrow Lucky 3176 AH501A MS9081
Ten Eyck Toby 7521 AH511 MS9081
Faculty Advisor Sociology
Tennessen Travis 2446 WL482A MS9125
Asst Dir Ctr for Comm Learning Center for Community Learning
TerBeek Lea 2791 CS244 MS9132
Registered Nurse 3 Student Health Center
Terich Thomas MS
Environmental Studies
Terrell Dennis 2250 CF412 MS9165
IT System Admin - Journey Computer Science
Terry Tara 3565 HU211 MS9054
HR Consultant Assistant 2 Human Resources
Thacker Roger 2945 CS MS9131
Utility Worker 2 Parking Services
Theiler Anne Marie 3164 OM540 MS9052
Interim Counseling Ctr Dir Counseling Center
Thibou Shevell 7368 WL462 MS9103
Interim Dir, Teaching & Learng Western Libraries
Thibou Shurla 3534 MH415C MS9100
Senior Instructor Women Gender Sexuality Studies
Thistle Jennifer 3157 AI378 MS9171
Assistant Professor Communication Science/Disorder
Thomas Jesse 4096 HH320K MS9103
Program Manager A Western Libraries
Thompson Alexa 6231 CH205 MS9102
Health & Human Development
Thompson John 3350 OM375A MS9011
Asst Dir, Univ Comm/Marketing Ofc of Communications/Mrkting
Thompson Kathy 7314 HU209 MS9054
Asst Dir Benefits & Operations Human Resources
Thompson Phil 6326 PH301 MS9074
Associate Professor Economics
Thompson Rachel 6654 AB102 MS9123
Forms & Records Analyst 3 Records Center
Thompson Roger R. 2342 BH360 MS9061
Professor History
Thompson Tony 3196 AI276 MS9171
Speech Path/Audio Spec 1 Communication Science/Disorder
Thompson-Alvarez Sheri 3142 HH121A MS9059
Admin Services Manager A Academic Technology
Thomsen Curtis 7255 AC233 MS1480
Sr Systems Analyst Enterprise Application Svcs
Thorndike Robert MS
Thorndike Tracy 6859 MH202E MS9040
Associate Professor Special Education
Thran Jeff 3330 MH320 MS9040
Special Education
Thurman Carrie 3029 OM412 MS9044
Budget Analyst 4 Budget Office
Thut Peter 2905 BI254 MS9160
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 4 Biology
Tilland-Stafford Anika 6305 MH415D MS9100
Women Gender Sexuality Studies
Timmerman John 7922 AI174A MS9121
Custodian 3 Facilities Management
Timmons Flores Maria 3828 MH302E MS9092
Professor TESOL-Elementary Ed
Tite Philip 6301 BH418F MS9064
Liberal Studies
Tobosa Glen 4525 FI116 MS9068
Admin Services Manager A Art
Tognazzini Anna 3268 OM290B MS9002
Grad/Pre Prof Program Advisor Career Services Center
Tognazzini Neal 3863 BH306B MS9062
Professor Philosophy
Tomasi Massimiliano 3339 MH222C MS9097
Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Torres Elizabeth 7984 HS51 MS9101
College Access Corps Coord Washington Campus Compact
Torres Jacob 3556 EH119 MS9195
UR Faciliites
Torres Lori 7605 SL220 MS9155
Program Support Supervisor 2 Science Math & Technology Ed
Torres-Ochoa Edward 2243 EA113 MS9195
Assistant Resident Director Residence Life
Towne Karen 3131 AC210D MS1450
Plant Communications Coord Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
Townsend Kristen 3158 OM275 MS9049
Peer Advisor 3 Financial Aid
Townshend Lauren 3620 AH315 MS9083
Program Assistant Anthropology
Train Sandy 2039 PP224 MS9114
Fiscal Technician 2 Facilities Management
Tran Angela 6635 AC MS1420
Program Assistant Business Services
Tran Thomas 2111 AC111 MS9121
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Trautman Laurie 2642 CA201 MS9110
Director BPRI Border Policy Research Inst
Trebacz Thomas 7934 PP232 MS9114
Facilities Engineer 2 Facilities Management
Treloar Steve 7460 AC224 MS1480
Microsoft System Engineer Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
Treneer Stephanie 3468 BH206 MS9063
Associate Professor Mathematics
Trimble Joseph 3058 AI594 MS9172
Professor Psychology
Trinkaus Jillian 7245 HS020 MS9197
Program Manager A Office of Sustainability
Trueblood Kathryn 7615 HU269 MS9055
Professor English
Truemper Trista 3307 OM355 MS9021
Mgr, Equal Opportunity Prgrms Equal Opp & Employ Diversity
Truong Khai 4952 CB195 MS9121
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Truong Khoa 3154 OM437 MS9121
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Truong Loc 3333 HH122 MS9059
Computer Programming Assist. 2 ATUS
Truong Manh 3556 EH119 MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Tsikerdekis Michael 3968 CF489 MS9165
Assistant Professor Computer Science
Tsunokai Glenn 2540 AH504 MS9081
Professor Sociology
Tucker Jan 3689 AC142 MS1440
Financial Reporting Manager Accounting Services
Tuominen Anne 3308 CH104 MS9102
Extended Education
Turner Lisa 3666 FI212 MS9068
Associate Professor Art
Turrell Stacey 4933 CV230K MS9066
Asst Womens Basketball Coach Athletics
Tuxill John 4435 FA320A MS9118
Associate Professor Fairhaven College
Tyran Craig 2207 PH343A MS9077
Professor Decision Sciences
Tyran Kristi 2078 PH429 MS9075
Professor Management

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