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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
S'eiltin Tanis 6564 FA309 MS9118
Associate Professor Fairhaven College
Safavi Farrokh 4822 PH423 MS9073
Professor Finance & Marketing
Sakagawa Joshua 4088 OM275C MS9006
IT Business Analysis Financial Aid
Salazar Debra 6845 AH401 MS9082
Professor Political Science
Salminen Iiro 3420 PP205 MS9114
Carpenter Facilities Management
Samant Shantala 2686 PH427 MS9075
Assistant Professor Management
Samborski Loni 3524 OM433A MS9034
Adm Asst VP UA University Advancement
Sampaio Cristina 3169 AI478 MS9172
Professor Psychology
Samuel Andy 2565 OM475D MS9033
Database Administrator Institutional Effectiveness
Samuels Nara 4633 CS238 MS9132
Mental Health Social Worker Student Health Center
San Juan Jun 2336 CV201J MS9067
Associate Professor Health & Human Development
Sanchez Nick 7410 WL165 MS9008
Director, Veteran Services Veteran Services
Sandberg Shannon 7955 HS 025 MS9197
Program Support Staff 2 Office of Sustainability
Sandelin Kate 4829 CF359 MS9164
Sandelin Steve 4503 ET354 MS9086
Engineering & Design
Sanderson Bethany 6231 CV102 MS9067
Health & Human Development
Sandoval Barbara 7614 OM440B MS9000
Sr Executive Asst to President President's Office
Sandoval Jordan 3931 BH418F MS99190
Sandstrom Cynthia 2750 VU538 MS9106
Fiscal Specialist 1 Student Activities
Sandvig Chris 7952 PH313 MS9077
Professor Decision Sciences
Sapin Julia 3670 FI111 MS9068
Professor Art
Sarkar Amites 7569 BH216 MS9063
Professor Mathematics
Sarkar Rachel 4947 HU253 MS9055
Sas Mai 7363 ES104 MS9080
Geochemistry Research Associat Geology
Sasaki Bryce 2664 OM390C MS9024
Academic Support Coordinator Student Outreach Services
Sass Mary 2648 PH209 MS9075
Associate Professor Management
Sather Sonja 3384 AL203 MS9034
Dir of Development, CFPA WWU Foundation
Sattler David 3525 AI578 MS9172
Professor Psychology
Saunders Kathleen 4789 AH315 MS9083
Savage Cindy 3184 AI453 MS9172
Program Manager A Psychology
Savage Maggie 3185 AI284 MS9171
Speech Path/Audio Spec 1 Communication Science/Disorder
Savage Shona 3475 EH MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Saxton David 7926 PA261 MS9109
Stage Manager College Fine & Performing Arts
Schade Brittany 7705 FI106D MS9189
Associate Professor Design
Schaefer Chris (425) 405-1632 Everett MS1288
Senior Instructor Secondary Education
Schemstad Jon 3420 PP212 MS9114
Sheet Metal Mechanic Facilities Management
Schermer Liz 3658 ES438 MS9080
Professor Geology
Schermetzler Timothy 3356 PH404 MS9075
Scheuermann Margaret 3126 CB341 MS9150
Assistant Professor Chemistry
Schiavetti Lucas 4198 ES67 MS4198
Schivitz Beth 4834 BH233 MS9063
Schlitt David 3193 WL675 MS9103
Judaica Project Archivist Western Libraries
Schmidt Sarah 6340 AC131 MS1420
Administrative Assistant 3 Business Services
Schmitt Carl 2844 ES522 MS9181
Environmental Sciences
Schneider Tom 3400 CS 2nd Floor MS9132
Physician Student Health Center
Schreiber Steve 3198 MG101 MS9114
Equipment Technician 3 Facilities Management
Schreuder Karen 3851 OM380 MS9029
Administrative Assistant 3 Academic Advising Center
Schroeder Lisl 3728 CA102 MS9110
Program Coordinator Canadian-American Studies
Schronen Susanna 3150 VU538 MS9106
Fiscal Technician 2 VU Operations
Schueler Jana 2087 OM200 MS9009
Program Specialist 2 Admissions
Schuessler Axel 3429 BH364 MS9061
Schulze Sandra 7267 BI409 MS9160
Associate Professor Biology
Schumacher Emily SL 220 MS9155
Schuster Katrina 3482 OM490 MS9032
Admin Asst to VP for URM Ofc of Communications/Mrkting
Schwandt Hilary 2948 FA344 MS9118
Associate Professor Fairhaven College
Schwarck Nate 7400 Anacortes MS4042
Safety Officer 3 Shannon Point Marine Center
Schwartz Greg 3786 BH428E MS9063
Summer Session Faculty Mathematics
Schwartz Madeline 3532 OM230 MS9008
Program Support Supervisor 1 Registrar's Office
Schwartz Sy MS
Special Education
Schwartz-DuPre Rae Lynn 4212 CF283 MS9162
Professor Communication Studies
Schwarz Carrie 4523 BI157 MS9160
Schwarz Dietmar 3641 BI411 MS9160
Professor Biology
Schwede Walter MS9107
Scolari Andrea 3785 BH202 MS9063
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Mathematics
Scott Daphne 3815 BH432 MS9063
Faculty Advisor for Freshman Mathematics
Scott Fletcher 3668 AI280 MS9171
Disability Access Counselor Communication Science/Disorder
Scott Stephanie 3579 CS135 MS9130
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Public Safety
Seal Michael MS
Engineering & Design
Seaton Mary 2233 OM405 MS9044
Admin Asst to AVP, BFA Business & Financial Affairs
Seda Kasandra 2123 FA341 MS9118
Educational Coordinator- Admis Fairhaven College
Seda Takele 3838 CF375 MS9164
Professor Physics/Astronomy
Sedovic Amy 4151 HH201 MS9103
Library/Archive Paraprofess 2 Western Libraries
Segebart Kyle 7975 HS25 MS9066
Asst Men's Soccer Coach Athletics
Seilo Mike MS
Communication Science/Disorder
Seitz CJ (360) 778-1762 Unity Street MS4444
Dir Small Bus Devlp Ctr Small Business Development Ctr
Sekhon Tejvir 4818 PH411 MS9073
Assistant Professor Finance & Marketing
Seltz Jennifer 2510 BH316 MS9061
Associate Professor History
Sennett Jackie 2524 MH315 MS9091
Professor Health & Community Studies
Serrano-Moreno Jose 3633 BI331 MS9160
Summer Session Faculty Biology
Shapiro Michael 4351 MH150 MS9090
Office of Field Experience
Sharmin Moushumi 2249 CF465 MS9165
Assistant Professor Computer Science
Shaw Austin 3438 FI106B MS9068
Sheahan Annmarie 2417 HU357 MS9055
Assistant Professor English
Sheikh Imran 6452 AH304 MS9181
Assistant Professor Environmental Sciences
Shekelle Myron 7400 BI231 MS9160
Summer Session Faculty Biology
Sheldrup Peter 4974 HH114B MS9059
IT Customer Support - Journey Academic Technology
Sherwood Art 4146 PH41 MS9075
Associate Professor Management
Sherwood Teresa 7212 BH202B MS9063
Admin Services Manager B Mathematics
Shewmake Sharon 4892 PH341 MS9074
Associate Professor Economics
Shineflew Alex 3420 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Shipley Ely 6266 HU369 MS9055
Assistant Professor English
Short Debora 7626 OM445 MS9001
Fiscal Analyst 3 Enrollment & Student Services
Short Kory 3508 SP MS9096
Stationary Engineer 2 Facilities Management
Shorter Elizabeth 3555 CS131 MS9130
Communications Officer 1 Police
Shull Anthony 6342 CH237 MS9102
Sr Director, Lang & Culture Outreach & Continuing Education
Shull David 3690 ES445 MS9181
Professor Environmental Sciences
Sible Steve 4070 CB270 MS9150
Fiscal Technician 2 Chemistry
Sidwell Jenny 3509 OM470B MS9033
Management Analyst 3 Academic Affairs
Sidwell Mike 3523 CV209B MS9067
Health & Human Development
Siegfried Dane 4286 SV142 MS9098
Recreation & Athletics Spec 2 Campus Recreation
Silberberger Thomas 4138 HS002A MS9066
Athletic Trainer Athletics
Simon Richard 4339 AW310 MS9112
Honors Program
Simplot Rian 4055 OM117A MS9004
Fiscal Specialist 1 Student Business Office
Simpson Galen 7923 MH062 MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Simpson Hunter 7506 HS025 MS9197
Office of Sustainability
Singh Harjit 7718 HU215 MS9054
HR Consultant Assistant 2 Human Resources
Singh Shalini 2554 ES545 MS9079
Diversity Recruit & Reten Spec Huxley College
Singh Sukhdip SL220 MS9155
Graduate Research Asst Hourly SMATE
Singh-Cundy Anu 7473 BI308 MS9160
Associate Professor Biology
Singleton Ron 4895 PH413 MS9071
Professor Accounting
Sirbu Anca 2134 PH309 MS9074
Assistant Professor Economics
Sires Jennifer 4189 CH103 MS9102
Program Coordinator Outreach & Continuing Education
Skillman Trish 4699 MH304E MS9092
Senior Instructor TESOL-Elementary Ed
Skinner Knute MS
Sladen Douglas 7561 AI384 MS9171
Assistant Professor Communication Science/Disorder
Sladich William 3420 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Sledge Michael 2484 VU544 MS9105
Executive Dir, Student Life Student Life
Sleeman Allan 3910 PH420 MS9074
Slentz Kris MS
Special Education
Slesinger Nathan 7931 ET143 MS9086
Engineering & Design
Sloan Jennifer 3117 OM332 MS9015
Asst to Internal Audit and AAG Risk and Compliance Services
Slouber Michael 7649 BH164 MS9064
Associate Professor Global Humanities & Religions
Smirnov Serge 2302 CB345 MS9150
Associate Professor Chemistry
Smit Vega Garcia Mariana 3454 BH230 MS9063
Assistant Professor Mathematics
Smith Aaron 2435 AI484 MS9172
Assistant Professor Psychology
Smith Andrew HH123 MS9059
Computer Assistant 1 Academic Technology
Smith Bianca 4105 CS142 MS9130
Campus Police Officer Police
Smith Hugh 3508 SP100 MS9096
Stationary Engineer 2 Facilities Management
Smith Julie 7655 OM200 MS9009
Program Coordinator Admissions
Smith Karen 3885 AI394 MS9171
Admin Services Manager C Communication Science/Disorders
Smith Kelly 6898 PP209 MS9114
Control Technician Facilities Management
Smith Lindsey 3925 MH228 MS9097
Assistant Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Smith Steve 2010 PH37 MS9071
Associate Professor Accounting
Smith Todd 7640 PA273 MS9107
Summer Session Faculty Music
Smith Victoria 3420 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Smith Zachary 7640 PA273 MS9107
Snowder Brad 38158 CF385 MS9164
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Physics/Astronomy
Snyderman Robert 6680 FA348 MS9118
Fairhaven College
Sobocinski Kathryn 3986 AH434 MS9181
Assistant Professor Environmental Studies
Sofield Ruth 2181 ES440 MS9181
Professor Environmental Sciences
Solberg John 3545 HS008 MS9127
Program Manager A Print & Copy Services
Somera Joe 3928 BI254 MS9160
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Biology
Sommer Lesley 7382 PA147 MS9107
Associate Professor Music
Sommers Caitlin 4191 SV135 MS9098
Asst Dir, Clubs/Intramurals Campus Recreation
Sone Denise 3831 CS 2nd Floor MS9132
Registered Nurse 2 Student Health Center
Soto Shelli 2348 OM284A MS9017
Assoc VP for Enrollment Mgmt Enrollment & Student Services
Sowell Shaun 6328 AI496 MS9172
Assistant Professor Psychology
Spanitz Eric 6164 AC238J MS1480
Enterprise Application Analyst Enterprise Application Svcs
Spicer Kit 7782 PA361 MS9109
Dean of CFPA College Fine & Performing Arts
Spiegel Megan 2891 OM530J MS9037
Program Manager A Graduate School
Spiegel P. Clint 3137 CB270A MS9150
Professor Chemistry
Spira Tamara 2409 FA323 MS9118
Associate Professor Fairhaven College
Spoelstra Jennifer 6832 CC MS9199
Assoc Dir Young Alumni Alumni
Spracklin Emily 3051 HH231 MS9103
Teaching & Learning Librarian Western Libraries
Springer Mark 4806 PH325 MS9077
Professor Decision Sciences
Springstead Tim 3420 PP212 MS9114
Plumber/Pipefitter/Steamfitter Facilities Management
Sprinkle Jason 3421 PP227B MS9114
Construction Project Coord 2 Facilities Management
Spurgin Jenny 4621 OM290 MS9002
Asst Dir, Employer Outreach Career Services Center
Squires Robert 4446 CH131 MS9102
Vice Provost, Outrch & Cont Ed Outreach & Continuing Education
St. Clair Scott 2216 BH194 MS9063
Stables Katie 3474 BH238 MS9063
Stach Michelle 3275 PH343 MS9077
Admin Services Manager A Decision Sciences
Stahler Tatyana 2401 CF495 MS9165
Office Assistant 3 Computer Science
Standridge Carolyn (360) 598-4460 SEA MS0903
Instructor Extended Education
Stanger Nick 2203 AH201 MS9085
Associate Professor Environmental Studies
Stangl Paul 2793 AH207 MS9085
Associate Professor Environmental Studies
Stap Ken 3567 AI434 MS9172
IT Customer Support Psychology
Starchman Evangeline 3070 CB270 MS9150
Stark Chris 3239 AH507 MS9033
Research Associate Institutional Effectiveness
Staton Mark 2060 PH017A MS9073
Associate Professor Finance & Marketing
Stayskal Byron 4854 MH122E MS9097
Modern & Classical Languages
SteMarie Holly 6254 SV143A MS9098
Office Assistant 3 Campus Recreation
Steele Erica 2505 AH415 MS9082
Admin Services Manager A Political Science
Steele Ruth 7747 AB225 MS9123
Archivist Center for Pacific NW Studies
Steele Samantha 6645 VU585 MS9104
Bookstore Manager Bookstore
Stefani Richard 2405 OM240A MS9006
Assoc Dir Financial Aid Financial Aid
Stensland Ben 2380 CV231A MS9066
Asst CC/Track & Field Coach Athletics
Stephan Elizabeth 2061 WL274 MS9103
Faculty Chair Western Libraries
Stephens Lesley 7378 AI278 MS9171
Dir Speech Lang Cln Communication Science/Disorder
Sterling Linda 7904 HS20 MS9197
Office Assistant 3 Office of Sustainability
Sternberger Lee 4859 MH215B MS9078
Exec Director, IGE Ctr for International Studies
Stetzer Russell 3694 HH146 MS9059
IT System Admin - Journey Academic Technology
Stevenson Kate 3036 OM335 MS9112
Program Manager A Honors Program
Stewart Jim 3818 CF385 MS9164
Stewart Mart 3455 BH320 MS9061
Professor History
Stickley Beth 2322 MH204A MS9040
Special Education
Stillwell Jessica 2652 VU540 MS9105
Case Manager/Conduct Officer Student Life
Stockburger Sean 7928 HH123A MS9059
IT Customer Support - Senior Academic Technology
Stoever William MS
Liberal Studies
Stolzberg Robert 3440 OM200 MS9009
Admissions Counselor Admissions
Stone Laura 4539 VC029 MS9196
Dining Services
Stoops Robert 3047 BH170 MS9064
Liberal Studies
Stopperan Tony OM430 MS9034
Director of Development Western Foundation
Story Cara 6540 EH101 MS9195
Administrative Assistant 3 University Residences
Stott Meredith 4515 AC114 MS1430
IT Business Analysis Business & Financial Systems
Stouder Kristen 2811 OM409 MS9044
Sr Budget and Policy Analyst Budget Office
Stout Karen 2563 AH301 MS9128
Bowman Professor Morse Institute for Leadership
Strachan Steph 3980 MH315A MS9092
Assistant Professor Elementary Education
Stranges Michelle 2485 PA061 MS9107
Piano Technician Music
Strecker Angela ES604A MS9069
Dir Watershed Studies Inst for Watershed Studies
Strom Suzanne 7400 Anacortes MS4042
Senior Marine Scientist Shannon Point Marine Center
Struiksma Kimberlie 2901 OM475A MS9033
Data Consultant 3 Institutional Effectiveness
Stuart Liz 2997 OM585A MS9039
Sexual Violence Prev Outrch Sp Prevention & Wellness Services
Stubblefield Jon 3705 EA113 MS9195
Supervising Resident Director Residence Life
Stuehm Hunter 7281 VU415 MS9106
Program Support Staff 3 VU Operations
Sturgis Jesse 6258 CH305 MS9102
Marketing Manager Outreach & Continuing Education
Styer Candice 6576 MH204B MS9040
Su Wenling 3091 MH230 MS9097
Modern & Classical Languages
Sue David MS
Suess Walter MS
Modern & Classical Languages
Suh James 6806 CV230F MS9066
Asst Volleyball Coach Athletics
Sula Ozan 2530 PH206C MS9074
Associate Professor Economics
Sulkin Steve MS
Sullivan Brian 3182 OM406 MS9044
Associate VP for BFA Business & Financial Affairs
Sullivan Kyle 3943 RC25 MS9196
University Dining Services
Sullivan Sue 6512 CS134 MS9070
Dir Environ Health Safety Environmental Health & Safety
Sullivan Taylor 3420 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Summers Megan 3544 HU MS9054
Payroll Administrator Human Resources
Sun Shu-Ling 3424 OM430M MS9034
Dir for Financial & Admin Svrs University Advancement
Suprak Dave 2586 CV201M MS9067
Professor Health & Human Development
Swanlund Cynthia 3164 OM540 MS9052
Psychologist Counseling Center
Swanson Andrea 2148 AI MS9172
Admin Services Manager A Psychology
Swanson Brian 3743 EH113C MS9195
Asst Resident Director University Residences
Swanson Kelsie 4065 HU225 MS9054
Employee Labor Relations Spec Human Resources
Sweeney Devlin 4550 AC114J MS1430
IT Business Analysis Business & Financial Systems
Sweet Kyla 4675 CA108 MS9110
Education & Curriculum Spec Canadian-American Studies
Swenson Mark 4963 CF034B MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
Swinburne Carolyn 6536 OM220B MS9008
Program Manager A Registrar's Office
Swisher Joel 4424 AH308 MS9084
Dir Institute Energy Studies Institute for Energy Studies
Symonds Terence 7322 EA119 MS9195
Assoc Dir UR Facilities University Residences
Symons Janai 3082 OM530G MS9038
Research Compliance Officer Research & Sponsored Programs
Symons Larry 4019 AI188 MS9172
Associate Professor Psychology
Szabo Julian 3420 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Szymanowski Tim 6101 OM430B MS9034
Assoc VP of Dev & Ldrshp Gifts University Advancement

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