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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
Radke Ashia 2369 OM430 MS9034
Program Specialist 2 Western Foundation
Radwan Amr 3380 ET272 MS9086
Assistant Professor Engineering & Design
Rae Zoe 4395 OM285 MS9006
Financial Aid Counselor Financial Aid
Ragsdale Kim 3813 BH210 MS9063
Faculty Advisor Mathematics
Ragsdale Troy 3758 OM230 MS9008
Space Analyst 1 Registrar's Office
Rahmani Armin 3823 CF361 MS9164
Assistant Professor Physics/Astronomy
Ramage Fred 7711 PA261 MS9109
Mgr CFPA Operations College Fine & Performing Arts
Rambo Rayne 3998 OM440 MS9000
Asst Sec to Board of Trustees President's Office
Ramhorst Lizzy 6808 OM350 MS9020
Shared Gov Operations Manager Faculty Senate
Ramirez Citlaly 3998 OM450 MS9000
Program Support Staff 2 Board of Trustees
Rams Maribel 3923 MH122B MS9097
Modern & Classical Languages
Randall Amber 2572 CF297 MS9162
Communication Studies
Randhawa Sabah 7614 OM440 MS9000
President President's Office
Rangel-Guerrero Daniel MS9097
Modern & Classical Languages
Rangel-Guerrero Mary Anne 4802 MH218A MS9097
Modern & Classical Languages
Rans Andrew 7418 AC116 MS1430
IT Support Technician 2 Business & Financial Systems
Rasmussen Darin 3555 CS MS9130
Dir Public Safety/Police Chief Public Safety
Raudebaugh Bob MS
Engineering & Design
Ray James 3404 PA271 MS9107
Assistant Professor Music
Raymond Elizabeth 3134 CB281 MS9150
Senior Instructor Chemistry
Read Tom MS
Reay Vianne 6292 MH254G MS9051
Teacher Ed Outreach Pgms
Recio Robert 3420 PP209 MS9114
Facilities Engineer 2 Facilities Management
Reed Andrea 6802 AI350 MS9171
Speech Path/Audio Spec 1 Communication Science/Disorder
Reed Oppenheimer Michelle 2294 CF295 MS9162
Office Assistant 3 Communication Studies
Reedy Christopher MS
Computer Science
Reichart James 4399 CF034A MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Reidy Liermann Catherine (360) 417-6521 Port Angeles MS6698
Instructor Environmental Studies
Reinke Victoria 3555 CS MS9130
Communications Officer 1 Public Safety
Remick Chris 6477 AC140 MS1440
Fiscal Technician 3 Accounts Payable
Revelstoke Justin 4780 VU MS9106
IT App Development - Journey Outdoor Center
Rex Kristine 4083 HH320 MS9103
Library/Archive Paraprofess 4 Western Libraries
Reynolds Ann 3870 CF295 MS9162
Admin Services Manager A Communication Studies
Reynolds Kathleen 2258 VU583 MS9104
Retail Clerk 2 Bookstore
Reynoso Joanna 2725 MH201A MS9051
Program Manager A Teacher Ed Outreach Pgms
Rhea Taylor 3584 AC240 MS1480
Interim Assistant Director,EAS Enterprise Application Svcs
Rice Melissa 3592 ES205 MS9080
Associate Professor Geology
Richardson Andrew 4125 BH240 MS9063
Richardson John 3005 AH524 MS9081
Richardson Larry MS
Communication Studies
Richey Stephanie 2146 OM530 MS9038
Research Compliance Officer Research & Sponsored Programs
Richter Wayne 3395 HH320D MS9103
Library/Archive Paraprofess 4 Western Libraries
Rickman Lynae 3307 OM355 MS9021
Mgr, EO Compliance Equal Opp & Employ Diversity
Ricks Kyle 4450 CF412 MS9165
IT System Admin - Journey Computer Science
Riddle Buly Marsha 7348 MH305B MS9092
Professor Elementary Education
Ridenour Gail 7640 PA273 MS9107
Rider Asche (360) 778-1762 Bellingham MS4444
Certified Business Advisor Small Business Development Ctr
Rider David 4352 CB245 MS9150
Associate Professor Chemistry
Ridley Cora 3393 AC210A MS1450
Office Assistant 3 Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
Rieger Aimee 6856 PA139 MS9107
Rieger Eric 3787 PA41 MS9107
Assistant Professor Music
Rieman Hailey 3627 BI315 MS9160
Office Assistant 3 Biology
Riemann Andreas 2856 CF379 MS9164
Professor Physics/Astronomy
Riemann Kylie 3400 CS 2nd Floor MS9132
Registered Nurse 2 Student Health Center
Riggins Ron MS
Theatre & Dance
Riggs Anne 3940 AI186 MS9172
Assistant Professor Psychology
Rindal Hope 3074 CV201B MS9150
Rines Ken 7944 CF371 MS9164
Professor Physics/Astronomy
Ringel Karissa 6702 CH133 MS9102
International Student Advisor Outreach & Continuing Education
Riopelle Johnathan 4501 HS022 MS9197
Program Specialist 2 Office of Sustainability
Riordan Catherine 3991 AI494 MS9172
Rios Francisco 3721 MH404D MS9089
Professor Secondary Education
Ritter Harry MS
Ritter Marian 3696 PA356A MS9107
Head of Music Library Western Libraries
Rivera Lysa 2517 HU365 MS9055
Associate Professor English
Roach Darby 3753 AA262 MS9068
Robbins Kirk 3310 Bremeton MS1699
Elementary Education
Robbins Lynn MS
Environmental Studies
Roberts Brandon 3703 EH119 MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Robertson Amanda 7244 CH301 MS9102
Communications Consultant 3 Outreach & Continuing Education
Robey Nathan 4103 CV271A MS9067
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Health & Human Development
Robinson LeAnne 2355 MH203D MS9040
Professor Special Education
Robinson Rochelle 6594 AI MS9172
Program Coordinator Psychology
Rockey Margaret 4556 CF219 MS9162
Assistant Debate Coach Communication Studies
Rodger Andrea 4478 AC130 MS1420
Asst Dir Procurement/Contracts Business Services
Rodgers Julian 2230 PP108F MS9122
Mechanical Engineer Senior Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Rodgers Susan 3400 CS233 MS9132
Nurse Practitioner Student Health Center
Roehl Tom 4809 PH211 MS9075
Professor Management
Roelofs Matthew 7947 PH315A MS9074
Professor Economics
Roemmele Katey 3782 CV209A MS9067
Secretary Senior Health & Human Development
Roessel Steven 3215 PP212 MS9114
Plumber/Pipeftr/Steamftr Sup Facilities Management
Rogers Bobbie (425) 405-1631 Everett MS1288
Program Coordinator Teacher Ed Outreach Pgms
Rogerson Jeff 6543 CM119A MS5996
Mail Processing Manager Print & Copy Services
Romo Leti 6127 VU746 MS9106
Asst Dir Stdt Rep & Governance Student Activities
Romond Nathan 3740 WL562 MS9103
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 2 Western Libraries
Ronca Roxane 7603 SL MS9155
Project Director Science Math & Technology Ed
Roozen Alana 3598 Herald Building MS9199
Administrative Assistant 4 Alumni
Rosado Shalom 2084 OM433E MS9034
Program Assistant University Advancement
Rose Brian 3198 MG101 MS9114
Equipment Technician Supervisr Facilities Management
Rose Jackie 6421 AI596 MS9172
Associate Professor Psychology
Rose Steve 2738 AC218 MS1450
Network Services Manager Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
Rosebrook Janette 6641 AC130 MS1420
Contracts Assistant Business Services
Roselli Chris 2153 OM490 MS9032
Dir, Community Relations University Relations
Roser Philipp 4830 CF381 MS9164
Ross Brian 6539 PP105 MS9122
Asst Dir Capital Budget Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Ross Jamie 7664 HU211 MS9054
HR Consultant Assistant 2 Human Resources
Rossiter David 2821 AH232 MS9085
Professor Environmental Studies
Roth Athena 4031 CH209 MS9102
Program Specialist 2 Outreach & Continuing Education
Roth Page 7973 OM280 MS9002
Career Counselor Career Services Center
Rothenberg Katie 4328 PA261 MS9109
Events Coordinator 1 College Fine & Performing Arts
Roulet Patrick 3404 PA271 MS9107
Associate Professor Music
Rowell Chris 6680 FA MS9118
Events Coordinator 1 Fairhaven College
Roxas Kevin 4521 MH401B MS9089
Professor Secondary Education
Rozendaal Jay 2015 PA060 MS9107
Rubert Jasmine 4343 AI272 MS9171
Speech Path/Audio Spec 1 Communication Science/Disorder
Ruble David 3475 EA113 MS9195
UR Conduct Officer/Case Mgr Residence Life
Rumbaugh Deborah 3708 MH417A MS9187
Runic Marija 3946 BH403 MS9190
Rupaal Ajit 3818 CF385 MS9164
Rusich Steve 3420 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Rusk Brian 3595 ES114 MS9080
Russell Keith 3529 CV102C MS9067
Professor Health & Human Development
Russo Sal MS
Rutschman Carla 7640 PA273 MS9107
Rutschman Edward MS
Ruvalcaba Kjatosia 2971 CS133B MS9070
Administrative Assistant 2 Environmental Health & Safety
Rybczyk John 2081 ES336 MS9181
Professor Environmental Sciences
Rydberg Diane 7794 ES604C MS9069
Fiscal Specialist 1 Inst for Watershed Studies

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