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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
Paci-Green Rebekah 2707 AH206 MS9085
Associate Professor Environmental Studies
Pacifico Amber 3305 PA283 MS9108
Sewing & Alterations Spec 3 Theatre Arts
Pack Allan 2945 CS MS9131
Parking Guide Parking Services
Packer Jeff 2337 AC234 MS1480
Senior Database Administrator Administrative Computing
Packer Nigel 4229 OM360 MS9028
IT Specialist 3 Web Communications Tech
Pagh Nancy 2265 HU249 MS9055
Senior Instructor English
Pahl Brian (425) 405-1630 Everett MS1288
Instructor TEOP
Palmer Lawrence 7540 BH015 MS9166
IT Specialist 3 Sciences & Technology
Paola Suzanne 2735 HU263 MS9055
Professor English
Parakh Jal 3653 BI315 MS9160
Parcell Mackenzie 4211 EA113 MS9195
Secretary Senior Residence Life
Paredes Mendez Maria 3765 ES603B MS9097
Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Park Douglas MS
Parker Diane 3274 HH231 MS9103
Western Libraries
Parker Jennifer 6576 MH204B MS9040
Special Education
Parker Paul 3420 PP208 MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
Parris Kristen 4873 AH422 MS9082
Associate Professor Political Science
Parsons Sally 6640 AC134C MS1420
Program Assistant Business Services
Partin Samantha 3232 HU325 MS9055
Partsch Cornelius 3929 MH216E MS9097
Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Paterson Molly 3884 OM285C MS9006
Financial Aid Counselor Financial Aid
Patrick David 3128 CB441 MS9150
Professor Chemistry
Patrick Kathryn 2817 ES539 MS9079
Program Coordinator Huxley College
Patterson Charles 2154 MH216D MS9097
Associate Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Patterson Dayna 3170 OM530 MS9037
Office Assistant 3 Graduate School
Patton Christopher 7365 HU271 MS9055
Paulson Amethyst 6119 VU547 MS9106
Custodian 1 VU Operations
Paulson Ben 3585 ES208 MS9080
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Geology
Pavia Curt 4043 CH210 MS9102
IT Specialist 2 Extended Education
Pavia Donald MS
Payne Forest 6813 PP108D MS9122
Project Manager Architect Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Payton Rodney MS
Liberal Studies
Peacock Kelly 3508 SP MS9096
Stationary Engineer 2 Facilities Management
Pearce Ken 3362 AC225 MS1450
IT Security Manager Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
Pearce Scott 3897 BH156 MS9064
Professor Liberal Studies
Pearson Chris 3708 MH417A MS9040
Educational Administration
Pearson Mary (425) 405-1630 Everett MS1288
Peck Kelley 3320 CH110 MS9102
Fiscal Analyst 3 Extended Education
Pederson Carla 3034 CH007 MS9112
Administrative Assistant 2 Honors Program
Pei Yuan 3785 BH202 MS9063
Peila Karen 3885 AI394 MS9171
Admin Services Manager A Communication Science/Disorder
Pelton Mindy 3203 PH045A MS9072
Asst Dir, Career Services MBA College of Business & Economic
Pencil Kraig 7550 PH206D MS9077
Summer Session Faculty Decision Sciences
Pendergrass Murray 2216 BH194 MS9063
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Mathematics
Pennell Sheila 7737 WL571 MS9182
Administrative Assistant 3 Ray Wolpow Institute
Penner Duane 3708 MH417A MS9187
Educational Administration
Penrose Kori 2580 OM110 MS9004
Fiscal Specialist 1 Student Business Office
Pentsak Alex 4657 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Pentsak Roman 4657 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Percy Megan 6231 CH205 MS9102
Health & Human Development
Perez Marla 4565 MH002C MS9040
Special Education
Perez de Henderson Maria 6598 OM387 MS9024
Academic Support Coordinator Student Outreach Services
Perigo BJ 2878 PP224 MS9114
Utility Worker 2 Facilities Management
Perigo James 4552 ES068 MS9114
Custodian 4 Facilities Management
Perks Cheryl 3651 VU605 MS9104
Bookstore Buyer Bookstore
Perry Lisa 3762 HH110 MS9058
Digital Printing Operator Print & Copy Services
Perry Tara 2202 CF285 MS9162
Associate Professor Communication Studies
Perzigian Aaron 4349 MH203A MS9040
Assistant Professor Special Education
Petaia Maafala 3941 CM120B MS9195
Warehouse Operator 3 University Residences
Peters Kimberly 3206 AI398 MS9171
Professor Communication Science/Disorder
Petersen Chad 7524 HH132 MS9059
IT Specialist 3 Academic Technology
Petersen Lois MS
Peterson Andrea 3894 HH231D MS9103
Assoc Dean of Libraries Western Libraries
Peterson Merrill 3636 BI314 MS9160
Professor Biology
Peyron Mark 6465 ET141 MS9086
Assistant Professor Engineering & Design
Pham Hoa 3956 MA MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Pham Hong 3952 BT MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Pham Nhung 3556 EH119 MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Pham Tuyet 4952 CB195 MS9114
Custodian 3 Facilities Management
Phillips Jessie 6103 PA278 MS9107
Program Support Supervisor 2 Box Office
Phillips Nancy 3407 OM405 MS9044
Asst to Vice President BFA Business & Financial Affairs
Piazza Michael 3533 VU609 MS9104
Stockroom Attendant 3 Bookstore
Pickens Joan 7384 ES604B MS9069
Research Technologist Supv Inst for Watershed Studies
Pierce Clayton 3282 FA332 MS9118
Assistant Professor Fairhaven College
Pihos Peter 3095 BH348 MS9061
Pilgrim Tim MS
Pillay Gautam 2884 OM530 MS9038
Dean Graduate School & VP Res Research & Sponsored Programs
Pillitteri Lynn 6599 BI407 MS9160
Associate Professor Biology
Pine Judith 4783 AH338 MS9083
Associate Professor Anthropology
Pinkston Leslie 4905 AC114L MS1430
IT Specialist 3 Business & Financial Systems
Pinney Robert (206) 729-3253 MH401A MS9089
Secondary Education
Piscopo Nicole 6145 OM380K MS9029
Academic/Career Advisor Academic & Career Dev Services
Piyadi Gamage Ramadha 4955 BH182 MS9063
Assistant Professor Mathematics
Plagemann Melissa 7740 PA174 MS9107
Plancich Lynn 2907 OM110B MS9004
Program Support Supervisor 2 Student Business Office
Plant Alex 4570 OM380 MS9029
Academic/Career Advisor Academic & Career Dev Services
Plumlee Leroy 2902 PH430 MS9075
Pollard Dan 2152 BI414 MS9160
Assistant Professor Biology
Ponton Camilo 3654 ES339 MS9080
Pontrantolfi Zachary 4833 BH244 MS9063
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Mathematics
Portillo Shawni 3952 RA MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Portugal Luis 4200 MH222B MS9097
Summer Session Faculty Modern & Classical Languages
Pospisil Yarrow 2215 AI274 MS9171
Speech Path/Audio Spec 1 Communication Science/Disorder
Post Izaac 4401 HH320N MS9199
Graphic Designer University Advancement
Posthumus Lee 6577 CH204 MS9102
Senior Instructor Asia University America Prgm
Powell Chris 4159 HH154 MS9072
IT Specialist 3 ATUS
Powell Karen 3240 OM280 MS9002
Coord Job Search Services Career Services Center
Powell Skylar 6449 PH215 MS9075
Associate Professor Management
Poynter Lindsay 7559 BH173 MS9067
Health & Human Development
Praegel Maiya 3224 HU373 MS9055
Computer & Network Systems Mgr English
Pratt Ted 3450 VU544 MS9106
Dean of Students Student Activities
Preston Doug 6231 CH205 MS9102
Health & Human Development
Preuss Dawn 3420 PP244 MS9114
Grounds & Nursery Serv Spec 2 Facilities Management
Prewett Creager 3475 EH119 MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Price Hunter 3439 BH342 MS9061
Assistant Professor History
Prichard Tony 4984 HU317 MS9055
Summer Session Faculty English
Prody Gerry 3156 CB444 MS9150
Associate Professor Chemistry
Prowell Virginia 6275 OM220 MS9008
Program Specialist 2 Registrar's Office
Pultz Mary MS
Purdue Jeff 7750 WL574 MS9103
Learning Cmns/Media Librarian Western Libraries
Purdue Seiko 4832 FI226A MS9068
Associate Professor Art
Purdy Daniel 3825 AH434 MS9072
Summer Session Faculty College of Business & Economic
Putich Bob 2866 OM111 MS9004
Asst Dir, SBO and Parking Ops Student Business Office
Pyscher Tracey 3337 MH401D MS9089
Assistant Professor Secondary Education

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