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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
Ma David 3686 HH131 MS9059
IT Customer Support - Entry Academic Technology
Maas Fran 7545 Herald Building MS9199
Alumni Events Coordinator Alumni
MacCoy Peter 2036 BH102 MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
MacDonald Lindsey 3824 HS024 MS9197
Program Specialist 2 Office of Sustainability
MacIntyre Witt Jill 4339 AH223 MS9085
Instructor Environmental Studies
MacLean Doug 3791 PP108E MS9122
Architect 2 Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Macomber Alethea 7400 Anacortes MS4042
Admin Services Manager B Shannon Point Marine Center
Macomber Chase 6246 MH003 MS9115
IT Customer Support - Entry Technology Services
Macri Erin 7482 BI254 MS9160
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Biology
Magee Kelly 2650 HU345 MS9055
Associate Professor English
Magnuson Stephen 2306 VU100 MS9106
Outdoor Center Prog Coord Outdoor Center
Mahboobzadeh Patty 3130 PA273 MS9107
Office Assistant 2 Music
Majeske Nicholas 2625 CF409 MS9165
Computer Science
Major Julie 3346 AI480 MS9172
Malick Gary 4934 HH114B MS9059
Mgr Audiovisual Technologies Academic Technology
Mallinckrodt Brent 4370 AI580 MS9172
Professor Psychology
Mallison Connie 4447 HH231 MS9103
Administrative Assistant 4 Western Libraries
Malpica Edwin 3555 CS113 MS9130
Campus Police Officer Police
Malquist Doug 3508 SP100 MS9096
Stationary Engineer 2 Facilities Management
Mana Mike 7311 AI598 MS9172
Associate Professor Psychology
Mancuso Susan MS
WCE Ed Leadership
Manipis Justin 6231 CH205 MS9067
Outreach & Continuing Education
Manker Talisa 3902 PH343 MS9077
Admin Services Manager A Decision Sciences
Mann Ann Renee 7224 PH206A MS9077
Mgr Manufacturing Supply Chain Decision Sciences
Mansfield Clarissa 3052 HH231D MS9103
Communications Consultant 2 Western Libraries
Mantello Krista 7627 MH205A MS9094
Program Support Supervisor 1 Int'l Programs & Exchanges
Maphumulo Jordan 3555 CS113 MS9130
Campus Police Officer Public Safety
Marchand Fred 3503 AC220 MS1480
Linux Operations Engineer Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
Margaritis Nicholas 2537 HU281 MS9055
Faculty Advisor English
Mariz George MS
Markiewicz April 6137 ES518A MS9180
Assoc Dir Toxicologist II Institute of Enviro Toxicology
Marks Ronald 3326 HU243A MS9054
Professional Development Spec Human Resources
Markworth Christopher 4347 CB383 MS9150
Markworth Kimberly 6284 BH242 MS9063
Associate Professor Mathematics
Marley Tom 3814 BH208 MS9063
Marquez Dianna 3952 RK124 MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Marrall Rebecca 4493 HH320L MS9103
Dir, Tech & Discovery Services Western Libraries
Marrs Emily 3701 OM230 MS9008
Program Manager A Registrar's Office
Marrs Larry MS
WCE Ed Leadership
Marshall De'Shaun 3273 HS46 MS9101
College Access Corps Coord Campus Compact
Marshall Robert MS
Marsicek Kim 7776 HH320M MS9103
Program Manager B Western Libraries
Mart Paul 2808 CH236 MS9102
Senior Instructor Extended Education
Martin Darius 4848 PH319 MS9074
Assistant Professor Economics
Martindale Lori 3034 CH07 MS9112
Instructor Honors Program
Martinez Scott 6865 OM560C MS9039
Risk Reduction Specialist Prevention & Wellness Services
Mason Donna 7713 HU213 MS9054
HRIS Data Administrator Human Resources
Mason Luke 6501 VU520 MS9106
Maintenance Mechanic 3 Student Activities
Mason Stephanie 4227 OM365 MS9028
Communications Consultant 3 Web Communications Tech
Mason Stephen 2278 PP244 MS9141
Grounds & Nursery Serv Spec 2 Facilities Management
Mastin Julie 2934 OM245C MS9006
Secretary Lead Financial Aid
Mastor Eric 7534 AB217 MS9123
Library/Archive Paraprofess 4 Western Libraries
Mata R. 3927 MH218C MS9097
Assistant Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Matey Victoria 7274 VU733 MS9106
ESC Programming & Events Mgr Ethnic Student Center
Mathers-Schmidt Barbara MS
Communication Science/Disorder
Mathews Keeley 4323 FI127 MS9189
Program Coordinator Design
Mathison Cheryl 7644 MH318D MS9091
Program Manager A Health and Community Studies
Matsui Tomoko 4372 EH210 MS9195
Resident Director University Residences
Matthews Dennis 3272 WL290C MS9103
Library/Archive Paraprofess 4 Western Libraries
Matthews Robin 3507 ES604A MS9069
Dir Watershed Studies Inst for Watershed Studies
Mayberry Craig 4608 PH445 MS9075
Maystadt Scott 7400 Anacortes MS4042
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
Mc Kay Floyd 4970 CF251 MS9161
Mc Lean Kesler Christie (425) 405-1658 Everett MS1288
Teacher Ed Outreach Pgms
McAdams Charity 3034 CH07 MS9112
Faculty Advisor for Freshmen Honors Program
McAllister Jeremy 7497 VU522 MS9106
Mgr of IT- VU/DOS VU Operations
McBride Greg 6119 VU525 MS9106
Asst Dir, VU Fac & Services Student Activities
McCafferty James 2414 PH326B MS9072
Asst Dir CEBR College of Business & Economic
McCarthy Lisa 3133 PA056 MS9107
McCarty Sunday 7552 CV130C MS9066
Administrative Assistant 3 Athletics
McCaulley Hub 3727 PP228 MS9114
Construction Mgr/Central Shops Facilities Management
McClain Lee 3973 PH418 MS9077
Senior Instructor Decision Sciences
McClanahan Lauren 2067 MH404C MS9089
Professor Secondary Education
McClure Jackie 3682 FA346 MS9118
Manager, Academic Support Svcs Fairhaven College
McCoy Dorothy 3898 PH419F MS9072
Program Manager A College of Business & Economic
McCroom Darren 4427 PA295C MS9108
Assistant Professor Theatre & Dance
McCullough Jonathon 3130 PA273 MS9107
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 2 Music
McCully Sarah 2113 HH201 MS9103
Library/Archive Paraprofess 2 Western Libraries
McDonald Catherine 3236 HU349 MS9055
McDonald Michael 4539 EH109 MS9196
University Dining Services
McDowall Stephen 4272 BH186 MS9063
Professor Mathematics
McDuffy Kris 3708 MH417A MS9187
Educational Administration
McGinnis Megan 3171 CF230E MS9163
Program Manager A Student Publications
McGlothern Janet 2852 OM240C MS9006
Secretary Senior Financial Aid
McGough Jon 7424 WL170E MS9019
Director disAbility Access Ctr DisAbility Access Center
McGrew G 7576 CV201A MS9150
McGuire Simon 3228 HU309 MS9055
McKeen Gene 7400 Anacortes MS4042
Mgr Academic Support Services Shannon Point Marine Center
McKenzie Chris 3000 OM210G MS9009
McKinnon Karen 2314 AC130 MS1420
Contracts Specialist 2 Business Services
McLachlan Mary 4446 CH131 MS9102
Administrative Assistant 3 Outreach & Continuing Education
McLaughlin John 7617 ES434 MS9181
Associate Professor Environmental Sciences
McLaughlin Nancy 7502 PP308 MS9121
Budget Analyst 3 Facilities Management
McLaughlin Tim 2223 AC223A MS1480
Developer Operations Engineer Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
McLean Kate 3570 AI MS9172
Dir Ctr Cross-Cultural Psych Psychology
McLean Kendra (360) 339-4 PA023 MS9107
McLean Rebecca 6607 OM480 MS9033
Budget Analyst 1 Provost's Office
McLeod Janet 2969 OM563B MS9036
Mgr Business CHW Enrollment & Student Services
McLeod Maria 4270 CV271B MS9161
Associate Professor Journalism
McMahill Cheiron 2551 MH304D MS9092
Elementary Education
McMullen Jamie BH229 MS9063
Program Support Staff 3 Mathematics
McMurray Kristen 3400 CS 2nd Floor MS9132
Medical Assistant Student Health Center
McMurren Kay 3907 HS026 MS9197
Program Support Supervisor 1 Office of Sustainability
McMurry April 7520 WL481 MS9125
Program Coordinator Center for Community Learning
McNeely Thomas 3061 HH320N MS9103
IT System Admin - Journey Western Libraries
McNeil Bryan (360) 598-4460 Poulsbo MS0903
Aquarium Manager Outreach & Continuing Education
McNeill Lorie 3482 OM490 MS9032
Adm Asst VP Univ Rel & Mktg University Relations
McPhee-Shaw Erika 3713 AH404 MS9181
Professor Environmental Studies
McVey Lucas 3876 PA395 MS9108
Theatre & Dance
Medler Michael 3173 AH210 MS9085
Professor Environmental Studies
Meehan Michael 3795 CF473 MS9165
Professor Computer Science
Megard Lisa 2980 OM280 MS9002
Communications Consultant 2 Student Success Initiatives
Mehary Elaine 4404 MH404B MS9089
Administrative Assistant 2 Secondary Education
Meier Jeffrey 2988 BH212 MS9063
Assistant Professor Mathematics
Melious Jean 7377 AH208 MS9085
Professor Environmental Studies
Melo Anne 7352 CS204 MS9132
Admin Services Manager B Student Health Center
Melton Josie 4082 SL250C MS9155
Postdoctoral Research Assoc Science Math & Technology Ed
Melton Pamela 7315 HS012 MS9127
Fiscal Technician 2 Print & Copy Services
Menninga Larry MS
Computer Science
Merrick Suzette 4531 OM113 MS9004
Program Support Supervisor 2 Student Business Office
Merrill Candi (360) 394-2761 Poulsbo/ 222 MS1601
Dir of Ops WWU Peninsula Pgms Outreach & Continuing Education
Merrill DeLisle 4682 PA295A MS9108
Assistant Professor Theatre & Dance
Merrill Mary Ann 3628 BI313 MS9160
Admin Services Manager B Biology
Merriman Justene 3266 HS14 MS9109
Communications Consultant 2 College Fine & Performing Arts
Mesquita Cezar 4350 OM310 MS9009
Director of Admissions Admissions
Metzger Mary 3238 HU273 MS9055
Professor English
Meyer Denise 3400 CS240 MS9132
Registered Nurse 2 Student Health Center
Michael Ava ES 522 MS9181
Environmental Sciences
Michelson Derrick 6561 PH310 MS9072
IT Manager, CBE College of Business & Economic
Migita Masayoshi 6484 CV155F MS9066
Trainer Athletic Athletics
Mikkelsen Gena 7412 CS141 MS9130
Administrative Assistant 4 Public Safety
Mikkelsen Kyle 4280 ES130 MS9076
Laboratory Technician 4 AMSEC
Milicic Vladimir (360) 734-5933 MH223 MS9097
Modern & Classical Languages
Miller Barbara 3669 FI208 MS9068
Professor Art
Miller Brenda 3242 HU303 MS9055
Professor English
Miller Chris 4479 AC218A MS1450
Director of EIS Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
Miller Dan 3420 PP208 MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
Miller Dennis 2984 OM230 MS9008
IT App Development - Journey Registrar's Office
Miller Erin 4116 EA113 MS9195
Resident Director Residence Life
Miller John MS
Miller Kate 6305 MH415D MS9100
Women Gender Sexuality Studies
Miller Mark 7407 FA349 MS9118
Information Technology Mgr Fairhaven College
Miller Matthew 2628 MH315D MS9092
Professor Elementary Education
Miller White 3420 PP MS9114
Floorlayer Facilities Management
Mills Robin 7969 HS008B MS9127
Program Assistant Print & Copy Services
Miner Benjamin 3640 BI410 MS9160
Professor Biology
Miner Ralph 4876 AH415 MS9082
Political Science
Miran Jonathan 4867 BH166 MS9064
Professor Liberal Studies
Misanes Virginia 7922 AI174A MS9121
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Misasi John 4254 ET115 MS9086
Associate Professor Engineering & Design
Mitchell Robert 3591 ES234 MS9080
Professor Geology
Mixon Marc (360) 527-3024 PA395 MS9108
Technical Director Theatre Arts
Miyake Mark 3140 FA327 MS9118
Assistant Professor Fairhaven College
Mlotkowski Jessica 7667 WL273 MS9103
Instructor Western Libraries
Mock Janet 7609 BH434 MS9063
Moeschler Lisa 4546 OM300 MS9016
Events Coordinator 3 New Student Services
Mogford Liz 3002 AH524 MS9081
Professor Sociology
Moles Adam 7464 BI231 MS9160
Monahan Bob 3728 AH217 MS9085
Environmental Studies
Monger Cindy 4154 VU535 MS9106
Fiscal Specialist 1 Student Activities
Monson Tesla 4787 AH320 MS9083
Assistant Professor Anthropology
Montague Phillip MS
Montano Manuel 2147 AH458 MS9181
Assistant Professor Environmental Sciences
Montgomery Sherrie 6519 PP108A MS9122
Mgr Project Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Mookherjee Debnath 2895 AH205 MS9085
Environmental Studies
Moon Julie 3771 HU247 MS9054
Medical Leave/Disability Admin Human Resources
Moon Pattie 3060 HH320 MS9103
Library/Archive Paraprofess 2 Western Libraries
Moore Heather 7536 AI374 MS9171
Assistant Professor Communication Sciences and Disorder
Moore Jared 6252 PH024 MS9071
Assistant Professor Accounting
Moore Tom 4074 CH005 MS9112
Instructor Honors Program
Moores Mary 3748 ES539 MS9079
Program Support Supervisor 2 Huxley College
Mor Denise 7704 OM530I MS9037
Management Analyst 3 Graduate School
Morado Fernando 3951 ES131 MS9183
Admin Services Manager A Marine and Coastal Sciences
Morgan Claire 7972 HS25 MS9066
Asst Womens Soccer Coach Athletics
Morgan Stephanie 4109 HH201 MS9103
Library/Archive Paraprofess 2 Western Libraries
Mork Theodore MS
Elementary Education
Morris Jack 3787 PA273 MS9107
Morris Jason 2514 ET335 MS9086
Professor Engineering & Design
Morris Julie 3176 AH501A MS9081
Dir, Center for Social Science Sociology
Morrow Kacey 3661 FI106B MS9189
Associate Professor Design
Morse Joe MS
Mortenson Armida 4657 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Morton Todd 2918 ET206 MS9086
Professor Engineering & Design
Moscato Derek 7203 CF271 MS9161
Assistant Professor Journalism
Mosher M. J. 3614 AH324 MS9083
Associate Professor Anthropology
Motika Allijah 3450 VU MS9106
Administrative Assistant 1 Student Activities
Moyer Craig 7935 BI409 MS9160
Professor Biology
Mueller Evan 2206 PA381 MS9108
Associate Professor Theatre & Dance
Mueller Paul 3065 OM330I MS9015
Dir, Risk, Compliance, Pol Svc Risk and Compliance Services
Muhlberg Howard 3289 EH108 MS9195
Program Coordinator University Residences
Mulcahy Sean 3645 ES235 MS9080
Assistant Professor Geology
Mulder Carolyn 6568 FC1217 MS9118
Early Childhood Program Spec 3 Child Development Ctr
Mulderig Kelly 4329 MH150 MS9090
Program Assistant Woodring College of Education
Mullen James 3841 BH05 MS9079
Engineering Technician Lead Scientific Technical Services
Mullin Casey 7458 HH320F MS9103
Head Cataloging & Metadata Svc Western Libraries
Munro Elva 3643 OM560A MS9039
Dir Prevention & Wellness Serv Prevention & Wellness Services
Murphy Amanda 3138 CB342 MS9150
Associate Professor Chemistry
Murphy Dina 3221 OM285B MS9006
Mgr Scholarships Financial Aid
Murphy Sean 4870 BH160 MS9064
Associate Professor Liberal Studies
Murron Susan 3571 OM530 MS9037
Program Coordinator Graduate School
Musa John 7640 PA273 MS9107
Musonda Benny 7923 MH050 MS9114
Custodian 4 Facilities Management
Musonda Ruth 4675 CA108 MS9110
Administrative Assistant 3 Canadian-American Studies
Myers Gene 4775 AH224 MS9085
Professor Environmental Studies
Myers Joseph 6883 PP227C MS9114
Facility Services Coordinator Facilities Management
Myers Barker Miranda 6292 MH254G MS9051
Program Coordinator TEOP

Unless otherwise noted, (area code)-prefix is (360)-650.

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