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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
LaBelle Jessica 3420 PP203 MS9114
Painter Facilities Management
LaBorde Pamela 3906 PH321 MS9073
Associate Professor Finance & Marketing
LaFave Stefanie 6144 PA361 MS9109
Operations Manager, CFPA College Fine & Performing Arts
LaFave Susan 3383 OM390A MS9024
Administrative Assistant 2 Student Outreach Services
LaFleur Debbie 3426 PP301 MS9114
Procurement & Supply Spec 3 Facilities Management
Labasan Shearyna 3109 CV130 MS9066
Assistant Softball Coach Athletics
Laffrado Laura 2886 HU379 MS9055
Professor English
Lainchbury Lisa 3708 MH417A MS9187
Educational Administration
Lalonde Guylaine 3397 AC238H MS1480
Sr Systems Analyst Enterprise Application Svcs
Laman Tasha (360) 475-7222 Bremerton MS1699
Associate Professor Elementary Education
Lambert Charles 2595 MH201E MS9040
Professor Special Education
Lampman Gary MS
Lancaster Becky 3908 CV102 MS9067
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Health & Human Development
Landis Tami 3939 FI122 MS9068
Museum Educator Western Gallery
Landis Wayne 6136 ES518 MS9180
Dir Inst Toxicology Institute of Enviro Toxicology
Langley Litav 7500 VU753 MS9106
LGBTQ+ Director LGBTQ+ Resources
Lanham Chuck 3917 OM481 MS9033
Vice Provost Info Tech & CIO Provost's Office
Laninga Tammi 2814 AH213 MS9085
Associate Professor Environmental Studies
Lansberry Donna (425) 315-3446 MH150 MS9090
Instructor Woodring College of Education
Lanz Laine 6581 FH11 MS9106
Early Childhood Program Spec 3 Child Development Ctr
Lapsansky Janice 7337 BI305 MS9160
Senior Instructor Biology
Larkin Daryl 3576 CM124 MS9116
Central Services Supervisor Central Services
Larkin Lori 7656 OM308 MS9009
Management Analyst 4 Admissions
Larmore Julie 2876 PP229 MS9121
Asst Dir Fiscal/Bus/Prog Svcs Facilities Management
Larner Daniel MS
Fairhaven College
Larsen Cheryl 3099 MH150C MS9090
Director, Office of Field Exp. Office of Field Experience
Larsen Chris 3708 MH417A MS9107
Educational Administration
Larsen Donald 4336 MH418B MS9187
Professor Special Ed/Ed Leadership
Larsen Mike 4645 CB387 MS9150
Assistant Professor Chemistry
Larsen Ryan 7970 MH204E MS9094
Director of Education Abroad Inst for Global Engagement
Larson Bob 3420 PP203 MS9114
Painter Facilities Management
Larson Bruce 3319 MH250B MS9088
Dean of WCE Woodring College of Education
Larson Kristen 3833 CF363 MS9164
Associate Professor Physics/Astronomy
Larson Nancy 7388 HH124 MS9059
Software Services Manager Academic Technology
Larson Nicole 3428 ET117 MS9086
Professor Engineering & Design
Laster Steven 3703 EH119 MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Laughlin Jordyn FA101E MS9118
Early Childhood Program Spec 2 Fairhaven College
Lavender Serafinn 6618 CF385 MS9164
Admin Services Manager A Physics/Astronomy
Lawrance Henry 4601 AC222 MS1450
Microsoft Systems Engineer Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
Lawson Jamie 6238 OM230 MS9008
Management Analyst 3 Registrar's Office
Lazzell Amy 3419 ET204 MS9086
Admin Services Manager B Engineering & Design
Le Huan 3955 RG MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Le Hue 3475 EA119 MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Le Thanh 3840 CF367 MS9164
Assistant Professor Physics/Astronomy
LeCornu Savannah 3876 PA395 MS9108
Stage Manager Theatre Arts
Ledbetter Sislena 2926 OM563A MS9036
Assoc VP for Counseling, Healt Counseling, Health and Wellness
Lee Christian 3391 BH310 MS9062
Senior Instructor Philosophy
Lee Ee Lin 4032 CF291 MS9162
Professor Communication Studies
Lee Horng-Yuh 7715 Anacortes MS4042
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Shannon Point Marine Center
Lee Jean 3562 HU359 MS9055
Assistant Professor English
Lee Jody 6677 PP224 MS9114
Fiscal Technician 2 Facilities Management
Lee Suzanne 6795 BI413 MS9160
Assistant Professor Biology
Lees Anna 3822 MH303A MS9092
Associate Professor Elementary Education
Leger Janelle 3659 CF385A MS9164
Professor Physics/Astronomy
Lehman Barbara 2212 AI178 MS9172
Professor Psychology
Leita Jennifer 4377 CV201A MS9067
Program Coordinator Health & Human Development
Leksen Andrea 7778 FI127 MS9068
Instructor Design
Lemkau Karin 4337 CB242 MS9150
Assistant Professor Chemistry
Lemm Kristi 3187 AI498 MS9172
Professor Psychology
Lemmer Jaime 2056 MH314 MS9092
Senior Instructor Elementary Education
Lending Claire 6531 PH449 MS9073
Associate Professor Finance & Marketing
Lenning Katy 3537 EA108 MS9195
Program Coordinator UR-Residence Life
Leonard Adam 4972 SV134 MS9098
Dir Campus Recreation Campus Recreation
Leonard Beth 3880 PA395B MS9108
Theatre Arts
Leonhardt Eric 7266 ET146 MS9086
Associate Professor Engineering & Design
Lester Mark 3216 HU279 MS9055
Senior Instructor English
Levey Eben 6374 BH358 MS9061
Visiting Assistant Professor History
Levings Ian 3708 MH417A MS9187
Instructor Educational Administration
Lewis Arleen MS
Lewis Craig (425) 405-1657 Everett MS1288
Instructor Secondary Education
Lewis Floyd MS
Decision Sciences
Lewis Justin 7657 HU275 MS9055
Instructor English
Lewis Kris 3650 CH103 MS9102
Program Support Supervisor 2 Outreach & Continuing Education
Lewis Randall 2567 HU203 MS9054
Program Coordinator Human Resources
Li Jiexun 4230 PH339 MS9077
Associate Professor Decision Sciences
Li Shuo 3916 PH043 MS9071
Associate Professor Accounting
Li Ying 3513 CV182E MS9067
Professor Health & Human Development
Liao-Troth Matthew PH430 MS9075
Lim Eunah PH404 MS9075
Instructor Management
Lim Manuel 3420 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Lim Nelia 3942 FX MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Lim Roberto 2552 HS039 MS9121
Custodian 4 Facilities Management
Lin Ying 2703 ET271 MS9086
Associate Professor Engineering & Design
Lind Jason 4317 CF299 MS9162
Senior Instructor Communication Studies
Lindeman Dan 7241 MH205B MS9094
Program Coordinator Education Abroad
Lindsay Dave 3556 EH119 MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Lindsay Jessica 7428 OM210F MS9009
Program Manager A Admissions
Ling Heidi 4220 AC238H MS1480
Senior Project Manager Enterprise Application Svcs
Linke Elizabeth 7729 OM563 MS9036
Administrative Assistant 3 Counseling, Health and Wellness
Linneman Scott 3446 OM330I MS9112
Dir Honors Program WWU Honors College
Lippman Leah 6675 MH204D MS9078
Senior Instructor Inst for Global Engagement
Lippman Louis MS
Lippman Marcia MS
Littleton Adam 2969 EA113 MS9195
Resident Director Residence Life
Liu George 2975 HH131C MS9059
IT System Admin - Journey Academic Technology
Liu Yudong 4831 CF483 MS9165
Associate Professor Computer Science
Liu Zenghui 3365 PH021 MS9071
Associate Professor Accounting
Loar Christopher 2722 HU383 MS9055
Associate Professor English
Lobeck Anne 3249 BH418 MS9190
Professor Linguistics
Lockhart Brad 3360 PA 361 MS9109
Instructor College Fine & Performing Arts
Lockhart Max 4991 AC MS1450
IT Network & Telecoms Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
Lockhart Pete 3752 SV136 MS9098
Asst Dir FM Campus Recreation Campus Recreation
Loewen Douglas 2837 AA261 MS9068
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 4 Art
Lofton Cheyenne 3420 PP213 MS9114
Electrician - High Voltage Facilities Management
Logue Denise 3505 CV102E MS9067
Program Coordinator Health & Human Development
Lois Jen 3007 AH502 MS9081
Professor Sociology
Lombard DeNora 3859 BH302B MS9062
Admin Services Manager A Philosophy
Long Jim 2881 BH015 MS9166
IT System Admin - Journey Sciences & Technology
Long Nathan 2194 AI580 MS9172
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Psychology
Longoria A 6446 MH402A MS9089
Assistant Professor Secondary Education
Lonneman Bill 3882 MH416A MS9188
Associate Professor Health & Community Studies
Lonner Walter MS
Loomis Eli 2844 ES522 MS9181
Instructor Environmental Sciences
Lopes Joyce 3407 OM405 MS9044
V Pres Business Financial Aff Business & Financial Affairs
Lopez Ceci 3016 FA330 MS9118
Assistant Professor Fairhaven College
Lopez Tina 3420 PP MS9114
Custodian 5 Facilities Management
Lopresti Robert 3000 WL275 MS9103
Western Libraries
Lorenz Mark 3626 CB270 MS9150
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 4 Chemistry
Lorio Adam 6510 OM585B WWU
Mgr CHW Special Prgrms Counseling, Health and Wellness
Lortz James 3790 PA383 MS9108
Stage Director Theatre Arts
Loumagne Gregory 2647 OM540 MS
Doctoral Intern Counseling Center
Louzao Jeremy 3336 MH300 MS9092
Instructor Elementary Education
Love Brooke 2894 ES445 MS9181
Associate Professor Environmental Sciences
Love Ed 4614 PH429 MS9073
Professor Finance & Marketing
Love Lydia 4436 CF251 MS9161
Program Coordinator Journalism
Lucas Gretchen 2513 HU219 MS9054
EE/LR Consultant Human Resources
Lucchesi Andrew 2564 HU351 MS9055
Associate Professor English
Luke Linda 7687 OM230 MS9008
IT App Development - Journey Registrar's Office
Lund Abby 2697 MH006A MS9091
Program Coordinator Health and Community Studies
Lund John 2601 ET274 MS9086
Associate Professor Engineering & Design
Lundeen Kathleen MS
Luo Baozhen 7913 AH505 MS9081
Professor Sociology
Luthi Thomas 7490 HU239 MS9054
HR Consultant Assistant 2 Human Resources
Luton Barbara 3972 OM245F MS9006
Asst Dir, Student Employment Financial Aid
Luttrell Linda 6148 ES539 MS9079
Operations Manager, Huxley Huxley College
Luu Thuy HS51 MS9101
College Access Corps Coord Campus Compact
Lyne William 3234 HU315 MS9055
Professor English
Lynn Kimberly 4869 BH152A MS9064
Professor Global Humanities & Religions
Lyon Keith 2924 AC140 MS1440
Fiscal Analyst 3 Accounting Services
Lyons Margaret 2077 ES518A MS9180
Administrative Assistant 2 Institute of Environmental Toxicity
López-Pedreros Ricardo 2939 BH330 MS9061
Professor History

Unless otherwise noted, (area code)-prefix is (360)-650.

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