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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
Kaas Benjamin 3624 ET147 MS9086
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 4 Engineering & Design
Kaeufer Ed 2383 AC238B MS1480
IT App Development - Journey Enterprise Application Svcs
Kahnamoui Farrokh 2180 PH212 MS9074
Senior Instructor Economics
Kaiser Kevin 3420 PP213 MS9114
Carpenter Facilities Management
Kaiser Kirsten 3735 HH110 MS9058
Retail Clerk 1 Print & Copy Services
Kallmes Naomi 3336 MH300 MS9092
Instructor Elementary Education
Kamel Nabil 2440 AH230 MS9085
Professor Environmental Studies
Kamena Butch 6655 CV130G MS9066
Asst AD Compliance/Academics Athletics
Kanda Leann MH150 MS9090
Kaneko Alysa 7544 MH214 MS9078
Administrative Assistant 3 Inst for Global Engagement
Kanov Jason 2873 PH213 MS9075
Professor Management
Kaplan Josh 3768 AI590 MS9172
Assistant Professor Psychology
Karlberg Michael 7367 CF289 MS9162
Professor Communication Studies
Kasprisin Lorraine 3871 MH405C MS9089
Professor Secondary Education
Kastner Sam 2358 AH458 MS9181
Assistant Professor of Marine Environmental Sciences
Katwyk Chet 3420 PP205 MS9114
Carpenter Facilities Management
Kaufman Suzanne 3423 AA252 MS 9068
Kaur Balwinder 3766 SV146 MS9098
Custodian 1 Campus Recreation
Kawczynski Rose 2844 ES522 MS9181
Admin Services Manager B Environmental Sciences
Kean Eric 2073 PA140 MS9063
Senior Instructor Mathematics
Kearsley Paul 4453 ET266 MS9086
Senior Instructor Engineering & Design
Keegahn Leah 3850 OM380 MS9029
Academic/Career Advisor Academic Advising Center
Keeler Linda 3514 CV202A MS9067
Professor Health & Human Development
Keen Jeffrey 3420 PP MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
Keene Lisa 2004 OM430D MS9034
Dir Prospect Research WWU Foundation
Keith John 6244 CF278 MS9161
Senior Instructor Journalism
Keller Jennifer 4987 CF253 MS9161
Associate Professor Journalism
Kelley Bridget 7519 MH203E MS9040
Associate Professor Special Education
Kelley Jocylynn 3448 HU241 MS9054
Talent Acquisition & Incl Spec Human Resources
Kelley Keith 7625 CH203 MS9102
Mgr PCE and Projects Outreach & Continuing Education
Kellow Becky 3720 AC118 MS1430
Asst Dir, Treasury Svcs Treasury Services
Kelly Jim 6839 AC239 MS1480
Sr Systems Analyst Enterprise Application Svcs
Kelly Madeline 4320 HH320J MS9103
Director of Collections Western Libraries
Kelly Ryan 2041 AA053 MS9068
Associate Professor Art
Kemper Lauren 4390 Poulsbo MS0903
Program Coordinator Outreach & Continuing Education
Kempton Terri 3779 FA349 MS9118
Outback Farm Manager Fairhaven College
Kenfield Whitney 7223 OM586 MS9034
Fiscal Specialist 2 WWU Foundation
Kenna-Schenk Becca (360) 951-3733 OM492 MS9000
Exec Dir, Government Relations President's Office
Kenney Brian 3945 RC Kitchen MS9196
University Dining Services
Kenney Deanna 3440 OM200 MS9009
Program Coordinator Admissions
Kent Earlene 7200 HH123 MS9059
IT Customer Support - Journey Academic Technology
Keppie Christina 3930 MH215D MS9097
Dir, Center for Can-Am Studies Modern & Classical Languages
Kerman Monique 3804 FI115 MS9068
Associate Professor Art
Khan Alia 4008 AH456 MS9181
Assistant Professor Environmental Sciences
Khan Junaid 7751 ET204 MS9086
Assistant Professor Engineering & Design
Khangaonkar Tarang 2844 ES MS9181
Environmental Sciences
Kiesser Sarina 2885 ES508B MS9079
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Scientific Technical Services
Kim Hee Jung 4274 BH224 MS9063
Visiting Professor Mathematics
Kim Ilhyung 2428 PH329 MS9077
Professor Decision Sciences
Kim Jongwook 2398 PH351A MS9075
Professor Management
Kim Robert MS
Inst for Global Engagement
Kimball Linda MS
Kincaid Susan MS
Health & Community Studies
King Bethany 2414 PH326 MS9072
Research Economist College of Business & Economic
King Donald MS
King Jeff 3574 AI482 MS9172
Professor Psychology
King Linda 3312 MH150F MS9090
University Intern Coordinator Teacher Education Admissions
King Mikayla 2454 BH437 MS9126
Communications Consultant 2 Sciences & Technology
Kingsford-Smith John 7612 CS133A MS9070
Safety Officer 3 Environmental Health & Safety
Kinser Jacob 2110 WL170G MS9019
Program Support Supervisor 1 Disability Access Center
Kirchhofer Jessica (360) 475-7265 Bremerton MS1699
Instructor Elementary Education
Kirmani Ammar CF385 MS9164
Kitto Kathleen MS9038
Provost's Office
Kizer Jabez 7446 AC223B MS1450
Automation Engineer Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
Klein Andy 2709 ET270 MS9086
Professor Engineering & Design
Klein Marv 3829 MH201A MS9040
Special Education
Klein Valerie 3344 AC210C MS1450
IT Network & Telecoms -Journey Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
Kleinknecht Ronald MS
Klokkevold Karl 3450 VU547 MS9106
Custodian 2 Student Activities
Knabb Shawn 2587 PH435 MS9074
Associate Professor Economics
Knutson Dave 3279 AH24B MS9085
IT System Admin - Journey Huxley College
Knutson Diane 3277 AH217A MS9085
Admin Services Manager B Environmental Studies
Knutzen Kathy 3105 BH103 MS9067
Health & Human Development
Koa Zeck 3842 OM420 MS9199
Communications Consultant 3 University Advancement
Kodner Robin 7467 BI412 MS9160
Associate Professor Biology
Koehler Abby 3342 WL276 MS9103
Librarian for Stdnt Rsrch Prgm Western Libraries
Koenig Gwen 3164 OM540 MS9052
MHC Substance Abuse Prev Coord Counseling Center
Koenig Rod 3077 MM402 MS9114
Construction Project Coord 4 Facilities Management
Koester Rozlind 6621 WL662 MS9103
Library/Archive Professional 3 Western Libraries
Koetje Todd 4791 AH344 MS9083
Associate Professor Anthropology
Kohn Hubertus MS
Kollen Oskar 2278 PP244 MS9114
Grounds & Nursery Serv Spec 2 Facilities Management
Kombol Aaron MH150 MS9090
NTT-UIC Woodring College of Education
Kong Sophie 4237 PH425 MS9073
Professor Finance & Marketing
Korsmo John 2364 MH318E MS9091
Professor Health and Community Studies
Kowalczyk Tim 6622 CB241 MS9150
Associate Professor Chemistry
Kozak Amy OM126E MS9015
Executive Dir Internal Audit Internal Audit
Kraft Michael 3879 ES508A MS9079
SEM Tech/Research Assoc Scientific Technical Services
Kraft Timothy 3264 AI334 MS9171
IT Customer Support Communication Science/Disorder
Krause Dale 4646 PP108SE MS9122
Construction Project Coord 3 Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Krause Miller 4269 MH122D MS9097
Senior Instructor Modern & Classical Languages
Krieg John 7405 OM475C MS9033
Director of OIE Institutional Effectiveness
Krieger Milt MS
Liberal Studies
Kriz George 3240 OM280 MS9002
Career Services Center
Krogh Suzanne MS
Elementary Education
Krueger Garey 3508 SP MS9096
Stationary Engineer 4 Facilities Management
Kuba Kathleen 3308 AH315 MS9083
Kubej Stephanie MH250 MS9090
NTT-UIC Office of Field Experience
Kubota Reeves Christine 3285 CH112 MS9102
Fiscal Specialist 1 Outreach & Continuing Education
Kuhlmann Ellen 3935 OM476 MS9033
Program Manager A Space Administration
Kulpa Gretchen 3492 AC140 MS1420
Fiscal Technician 3 Treasury Services
Kumar Vipul (360) 394-2748 Poulsbo MS1601
Cyber Range Master Outreach & Continuing Education
Kuntz Mark 3789 PA295B MS9108
Professor Theatre Arts
Kuntz Pam 3789 PA295B MS9108
Senior Instructor Theatre & Dance
Kurtz Tony 3124 AB226 MS9123
Library/Archive Professional 4 Records Center
Kusakabe Madoka 7965 MH222D MS9097
Senior Instructor Modern & Classical Languages
Kwon Ichi 6837 OM470C MS9033
Dir, Acad Budget and Admin Academic Affairs

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