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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
Jack Dana MS
Jack Rand 4906 FA348 MS9118
Fairhaven College
Jacobson Colleen 4007 CH209 MS9102
Events Coordinator 1 Extended Education
Jagodzinski Filip 3800 CF467 MS9165
Associate Professor Computer Science
Jamalzada Mohammad 7920 EH119 MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
James Stephen 3434 ET342 MS9086
Engineering Technician Lead Engineering & Design
Jancic Mitchell 3828 MH302E MS9092
Senior Instructor Elementary Education
Janigo Donna 3069 OM586A MS9034
Dir Advancement Record/Reports WWU Foundation
Janson Carol MS
Art & Art History
Janson Greg 3420 PP208 MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
Jantzen Kelly 4046 AI584 MS9172
BRAIN Director Psychology
Jantzen McNeel 2247 AI588 MS9172
Associate Professor Psychology
Jarvis Meredith 3360 AC211 MS1480
Administrative Assistant 3 Enterprise Application Svcs
Jay Sydney 2958 AH444 MS9128
Instructor Morse Institute for Leadership
Jaye Cara 7771 FI106A MS9068
Professor Art
Jeffries Harold 3420 PP MS9114
Insulation Worker Facilities Management
Jelaca Jovanovic Milica 2870 PA172 MS9107
Professor Music
Jenkins Kevin 2945 CS113 MS9131
Parking Guide Parking Services
Jenkins Maria 7230 BH015 MS9166
IT Specialist 3 Sciences & Technology
Jenkins Stacy 3555 CS132 MS9130
Communications Officer 1 Police
Jensen Bob 3739 FI116 MS9068
Art & Art History
Jensen Christina 4088 OM260C MS9006
Asc Dir/Systm of Financial Aid Financial Aid
Jensen Kirsten 3327 MH403A MS9089
Senior Instructor Secondary Education
Jensen Laura 3431 OM230 MS9008
Forms & Records Analyst 2 Registrar's Office
Jerns Bow 7948 MH301D MS9092
Admin Services Manager A Elementary Education
Jewett Robert MS
Jiang Xichen 7766 ET268 MS9086
Assistant Professor Engineering & Design
Jimerson Beth 3336 MH300 MS9092
Instructor Elementary Education
Jimerson Rand 3139 BH324 MS9061
Professor History
Joens-Poulton Jacob 4462 OM200 MS9009
Admissions Counselor Admissions
Joffrion Elizabeth 3283 WL673 MS9103
Director of Heritage Resources Western Libraries
Johnson Brad 6400 BH437B MS9126
Johnson David 3218 PP206 MS9121
Carpenter Facilities Management
Johnson Jackson 6567 OM110 MS9004
Fiscal Specialist 1 Student Business Office
Johnson Jasmine 2407 OM245F MS9006
Financial Aid Counselor Financial Aid
Johnson Jeremy 3508 SP MS9096
Stationary Engineer 2 Facilities Management
Johnson Jerry MS
Johnson Kati 2687 PH019 MS9072
Asst Dir MBA Program Masters Program
Johnson Mikel 2564 HU371 MS9055
Grad Teaching/Research Asst English
Johnson Millie 3459 BH212 MS9063
Associate Professor Mathematics
Johnson Molly 4198 ES 67 MS9080
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Geology
Johnson Nancy 3227 HU351 MS9055
Professor English
Johnson Peter 4630 MH150H MS9090
Dir, Certif & Teacher Ed Admsn WCE Certification
Johnson Shanna 3717 CH133 MS9102
Program Manager A Extended Education
Johnson Vernon 4874 AH438 MS9082
Professor Political Science
Johnson Wendy 4777 VU537 MS9106
Events Coordinator 2 VU Operations
Johnson-Lee Katherine 3021 FH11 MS9106
Early Childhood Program Spec 2 Child Development Ctr
Johnston Christine 4954 BH344 MS9061
Visiting Assistant Professor History
Johnston Tom MS
Art & Art History
Jones Anthea 7920 HS037 MS9114
Custodian 4 Facilities Management
Jones Buffi 3778 HU235 MS9054
Admin Asst to AVP for HR Human Resources
Jones Derek 3555 CS132 MS9130
Campus Police Officer Police
Jones Gina 6231 CH205 MS9067
Instructor Health & Human Development
Jones Leonard 2953 EH101 MS9195
Dir Univ Residences University Residences
Jones Thomas 3408 OM430M MS9034
Accounting and Operations Mgr WWU Foundation
Jongejan Tony MS
WCE Ed Leadership
Jordan Dan 2617 PH240 MS9071
Instructor Accounting
Jordan Omar 7606 CH107 MS9102
Fiscal Technician 2 Extended Education
Julia Teresita 3475 EA119 MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Junell Jon 2501 AC221 MS1450
Assoc Dir/Princ IT Architect Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
Jungwirth Jordan 4655 MH415B MS9089
Woodring College of Education
Jusak Debra MS
Computer Science
Justice Magnolia 2890 NA020 MS9195
Resident Director Residence Life

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