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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
Haagen Benjamin 2116 BI416 MS9160
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Biology
Hack Diane 3040 AC145 MS1440
Fiscal Analyst 3 Accounting Services
Hackler Ruth 3518 AI438 MS9172
Admin Services Manager C Psychology
Hadley Chris 4061 AI264 MS9114
Facilities Engineer 3 Facilities Management
Hagen Dan 3964 PH301 MS9074
Hagin Dean 7421 CH239 MS9102
Ast Dir Intl Pgms/Pgm Dir AUAP Outreach & Continuing Education
Hahn Jennifer 6680 FA MS9118
Instructor Fairhaven College
Haithcock Paul (360) 394-2711 OC Poulsbo MS1601
IT System Admin Outreach & Continuing Education
Halbakken Stacy 6231 CH209 MS9102
Program Manager A Outreach & Continuing Education
Halka Charles 3868 PA141 MS9107
Assistant Professor Music
Hall Mary 2300 CF459 MS9165
Program Specialist 2 Computer Science
Hall Teri 4140 PH045 MS9072
Program Specialist 3 College of Business & Economic
Halsell PeeWee 3103 CV231B MS9066
Coach Track Cross Country Athletics
Hamilton Bruce 3711 PA133 MS9107
Professor Music
Hamilton Douglas 3888 OM260D MS9006
Financial Aid Counselor Financial Aid
Hamiter David 4976 HH226 MS9059
IT Customer Support - Journey Academic Technology
Hammatt Matt 2443 OM430C MS9034
Director of Planned Giving WWU Foundation
Hammond Jeremy 2702 PP108B MS9122
IT Customer Support - Journey Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Hammond Laurel 7542 WL481 MS9125
Program Specialist 2 Center for Community Learning
Hammond Margo 3774 HU203 MS9054
HR Consultant Assistant 1 Human Resources
Hampton Asya 2604 OM265 MS9006
Secretary Senior Financial Aid
Hamrick Kris 7524 HH132 MS9059
IT Customer Support - Journey Academic Technology
Hanania Cecile 4858 MH126 MS9097
Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Hanley Daniel 4683 SL250B MS9155
Dir of STEM Ed Research & Eval Science Math & Technology Ed
Hanneman John 3766 SV138 MS9098
Custodian 3 Campus Recreation
Hansen David 3494 CS233 MS9132
Assoc Medical Director Student Health Center
Hansen Debbie 4657 PP 231 MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Hansen Julia 3204 PH339 MS9074
Hansen Thor ES MS
Senior Instructor Geology
Hansey Annie 2914 BH175 MS9063
Instructor Mathematics
Hanson Colin 6163 BH015 MS9166
IT Customer Support - Journey Engineering & Design
Hanson Jack 3474 BH208 MS9063
Instructor Mathematics
Hanson Richard 3971 MH202B MS9040
Senior Instructor Special Education
Hanuscin Debi 6533 MH315B MS9092
Professor Elementary Education
Hao Qiang 2622 CF457 MS9165
Assistant Professor Computer Science
Hao Yamin 6317 PH024 MS9071
Assistant Professor Accounting
Harder Peter MS9074
Hardesty Jared 3043 BH340 MS9061
Associate Professor History
Hardin Caroline 3601 CF463 MS9165
Assistant Professor Computer Science
Hardman Pam 7621 HU339 MS9055
Senior Instructor English
Hardy John MS
Environmental Sciences
Harrell Bruce 3998 OM440 MS9000
President's Office
Harris F MS
Engineering & Design
Harris John 6140 CF278 MS9161
Associate Professor Journalism
Harris Kameron 7366 CF461 MS9165
Assistant Professor Computer Science
Harris Lyle MS
Harris Thomas 2276 PA0273 MS9107
Instructor Music
Harrison Katie 2915 BH202 MS9063
Faculty Assistant 1 Mathematics
Harrison Wyatt 3420 PP MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
Hart Jeffery 3724 MH202D MS9040
Assistant Professor Special Education
Hartenstine David 6520 BH190 MS9063
Professor Mathematics
Hartenstine Mary Beth 6345 CH003 MS9102
Extended Education
Hartsoch Beth 7376 OM475A MS9033
Institutional Research Analyst Institutional Effectiveness
Hartwell Ernest 2038 MH217D MS9097
Assistant Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Harvey Ben 3936 HU237 MS9054
Fiscal Analyst 2 Human Resources
Harvey Korry 3890 CF275 MS9162
Senior Instructor Communication Studies
Harvey Nicholas AL MS9034
Assist Dir of Annual Giving University Advancement
Haskell Todd 2720 AI486 MS9172
Fac Adv for Incoming Students Psychology
Haskins Sherry 3190 MH417B MS9091
Program Coordinator Health & Community Studies
Hatch Marco 7589 ES437 MS9181
Associate Professor Environmental Sciences
Haug Peter 4807 PH349 MS9077
Professor Decision Sciences
Havens Jared 7474 EA117 MS9195
Asst Dir Univ Residences IT UR-Residence Life
Havens Megan 3794 OM491 MS9032
Communications Consultant 3 Outreach & Continuing Education
Hayden Casey 2489 VU422A MS9106
Asst Dir Student Activities Student Activities
Hayes Edward 4539 EH109 MS9196
University Dining Services
Hayes Nini 4996 AH203 MS9085
Associate Professor Environmental Studies
Hayes Ryan 3766 SV136 MS9098
Custodian 1 Campus Recreation
Hayes Susanna MS
Hayfron John MS9074
Hays Jennifer 2571 CF287 MS9162
Senior Instructor Communication Studies
Hearne James 3792 CF455A MS9165
Professor Computer Science
Heater Trevor HH131 MS9059
Help Desk Consultant ATUS
Hebert Jenny 7780 CH211 MS9102
Mgr Planning & Course Services Outreach & Continuing Education
Hedwall Lance 7921 PP MS9121
Floorlayer Facilities Management
Heezen Benjamin 3450 VU MS9106
Custodian 1 Outdoor Center
Heidemann Jessica 2603 CS203 MS9132
Data Consultant 4 Student Health Center
Heidorn Lisa 3952 RA MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Heilgeist Pete 3127 AC133 MS1420
Dir Bus Svc/Chief Procur Ofcr Business Services
Heilgeist Robin 7435 HS010 MS9127
Office Assistant 3 Print & Copy Services
Heim Stefania 3227 HU371 MS9055
Assistant Professor English
Helfgott Len MS
Helfield James 7285 ES338 MS9181
Associate Professor Environmental Sciences
Helms Ron 7927 AH526 MS9081
Professor Sociology
Helms Sara 3914 BH418D MS9190
Admin Services Manager A Linguistics
Hendershott Elizabeth AB102 MS9123
Records Center
Henderson Richard 3773 EA113E MS9195
Asst Dir Res Life UR-Residence Life
Hendon Tracy 2278 PP244 MS9114
Grounds & Nursery Serv Spec 2 Facilities Management
Henman Carter 4555 CF295 MS9162
Instructor Communication Studies
Henniger Mike MS
Elementary Education
Henrichs Debbie 4814 CV182D MS9067
Senior Instructor Health & Human Development
Henson Steve 4843 PH307 MS9074
Professor Economics
Herman Cory 7754 CH212 MS9102
Program Specialist 2 Outreach & Continuing Education
Herring Jack 4900 OM4801 MS9033
V Provost Undergrad Ed Provost's Office
Hicks Elissa 3480 OM450 MS9033
Government Relations Policy President's Office
Higgins Kerena 2040 OM130A MS9015
Office of Attorney General
Hill Claude MS
Engineering & Design
Hill Darcie 3386 SV148 MS9098
Wellness Administrator Campus Recreation
Hill Ford 7640 PA273 MS9107
Hill Holly 2248 Poulsbo MS1601
Sr. Director Western Locations Outreach & Continuing Education
Hill Rebecca 2493 RC127 MS9195
Office Assistant 3 University Residences
Hill Ty 6698 OM430 MS9034
Director of UA Events WWU Foundation
Hill Vincent 3841 BH005D MS9079
Engineering Technician 3 Scientific Technical Services
Hilles Michael 6587 ES335 MS9069
Research Technologist 3 Inst for Watershed Studies
Hillyard James 2993 OM560G MS9039
Program Support Supervisor 1 Prevention & Wellness Services
Hine Jennifer 7984 HS052 MS9101
Executive Director Campus Compact
Hinesley Scott 6565 EA108 MS9195
Office Assistant 3 UR-Residence Life
Hirotaka Curtis 3555 CS MS9130
Campus Police Officer Public Safety
Hixson Amber 3796 BH236 MS9063
Senior Instructor Mathematics
Hoag Sarah 3905 BI254 MS9160
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Biology
Hoang Dean 3952 RK124 MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Hodge Gary 4805 PP241 MS9114
Maintenance Specialist 4 Facilities Management
Hodges Hart 2162 PH326A MS9074
Associate Professor Economics
Hoekstra Benjamin 7909 HH146 MS9059
IT System Admin - Journey ATUS
Hoekstra Nicole 7237 ET207 MS9086
Professor Engineering & Design
Hoff Rachel 3336 MH300 MS9092
Instructor Elementary Education
Hoffenbacker Greg 7906 MH004A MS9115
Dir Technology Services Technology Services
Hoffman Joan 4803 MH222A MS9097
Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Hofstetter Robert 4130 SV132 MS9098
Assoc Dir Facilities/Operation Campus Recreation
Hollenbeck Ashley MH204D MS9078
Inst for Global Engagement
Hollenhorst Steve 2835 ES539 MS9079
Dean Huxley Huxley College
Hollibaugh Kendra 3555 CS MS9130
Communications Officer 1 Public Safety
Holmer Monica (425) 405-1644 Everett MS1288
Program Coordinator Health and Community Studies
Holmwood David 2838 PP209B MS9114
Fire Protection Engineer Facilities Management
Holsman Mark 4042 PP108 MS9122
Architect 2 Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Homann Peter MS9181
Environmental Sciences
Hooper David 3649 BI307 MS9160
Professor Biology
Hoover Jamie 4771 VU705 MS9106
Mgr Gen KUGS Student Activities
Hope Laura 3511 ES508 MS9079
Administrative Assistant 2 Scientific Technical Services
Hope-Foucault Gabrielle 3164 OM540 MS9052
MHC, Group Therapy Coordinator Counseling Center
Horne Cynthia 2910 AH440 MS9082
Professor Political Science
Horton Kiersten 3186 OM331 MS9112
Honors Student Life Coord WWU Honors College
Houck Sean 3558 MW103 MS9114
Locksmith Facilities Management
Hough Greg 3311 MM401 MS9114
Asst Dir Facilities Asset Mgmt Facilities Management
Hoult Kevin (360) 778-1762 Unity Street MS4444
Manager Strategic Initiatives Small Business Development Ctr
Housen Bernard 6573 ES425 MS9080
Professor Geology
Howard Bradley 3246 CF278 MS9161
Senior Instructor Journalism
Howard-Snyder Dan 7767 BH312 MS9062
Professor Philosophy
Howard-Snyder Frances 4865 BH306 MS9062
Professor Philosophy
Howell Debra 3347 MH150 MS9090
NTT-UIC Woodring College of Education
Howell Ken MS
Special Education
Howerton Claire 7639 BK MS9104
Retail Clerk Lead Bookstore
Howie Stephen 2561 CF263 MS9161
Senior Instructor Journalism
Hreljanovic Emma 3876 CM MS9108
Instructor Theatre & Dance
Hsu Lori 3400 CS 2nd Floor MS9132
Registered Nurse 2 (RN2) Student Health Center
Hsueh Vicki 2649 AH405 MS9082
Professor Political Science
Hua Stella 4135 PH323 MS9077
Professor Decision Sciences
Huang Maggie 3610 AH512 MS9081
Admin Services Manager A Sociology
Huddle Jerry 3057 HH155 MS9059
Media Engineer A Academic Technology
Hudson Hud 3865 BH311 MS9062
Professor Philosophy
Hummel Thomas 2030 OM330J MS9112
Instructor WWU Honors College
Hunt Mary 4114 CV182C MS9067
Assistant Professor Health & Human Development
Hunt-Holma Brend MH318 MW9091
Instructor Special Education
Hunter Joseph 4304 MH418D MS9187
Professor Special Ed/Ed Leadership
Huschka Glenn 3741 PP209E MS9114
Maintenance Specialist 5 Facilities Management
Huskey Melynda 3839 OM445 MS9001
VP Enrollment & Student Svs Enrollment & Student Services
Hussein Abdelbaki Tamer 2093 MH230 MS9097
Senior Instructor Modern & Classical Languages
Hutchings Sue 7227 CV102D MS9067
Admin Services Manager B Health & Human Development
Hutchins Rebecca 3457 BH362 MS9061
Admin Services Manager A History
Hutchinson Amy 3027 OM586 MS9034
Fiscal Specialist 2 WWU Foundation
Hutchinson Brian 4894 CF475 MS9165
Associate Professor Computer Science
Hutchinson Penny 3876 PA395 MS9108
Associate Professor Theatre & Dance
Hutchinson Sarah 3420 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Hyatt Keith 2353 MH201 MS9040
Instructor Special Education
Hyman Ira 3519 AI582 MS9172
Professor Psychology

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