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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
Gaffney Jeanne 3966 OM200 MS9009
Assoc Dir Admissions Admissions
Gaines Melissa 3785 BH MS9063
Office Assistant 3 Mathematics
Gaines Nathaniel 4448 OM200 MS9009
Admissions Advisor Admissions
Galati Bridget 3093 MH002B MS9040
Director 2- Executive Director Special Education
Galati Nick 2869 BI331 MS9160
Assistant Professor Biology
Gallagher Mary 3617 OM362 MS9011
Communications Consultant 3 Office of University Communications
Gallant Faye 4762 OM410 MS9044
Exec Dir Budget & Fin Planning Budget Office
Galley Megan 2615 HU217 MS9054
EE/LR Consultant Human Resources
Galloway Wayne 3932 CH141 MS9141
Asst Dir, Bldg Services Facilities Management
Gantz Crysta 7794 ES604 MS9069
Research Associate Inst for Watershed Studies
Garboden Casey 3480 OM450 MS9033
Office Assistant Lead President's Office
Garcia Dominick 3566 CM124 MS9116
Warehouse Operator 2 Central Services
Garcia Hugo 4201 MH226 MS9097
Associate Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Garcia Joe MS9075
Garcia Lasanta Cristina 3835 ES104 MS9080
PMag Mgr & Research Scientist Geology
Gard Catherine 4312 AI556 MS9172
Program Coordinator Psychology
Gardner Richard 7760 HS036 MS9063
Garfield Sasha 4936 MH050C MS9121
Facilities Engineer 2 Facilities Management
Garfinkle Steven 3456 BH334 MS9061
Professor History
Gayden Renee 3726 VU541 MS9105
Office Assistant 3 Student Life
Geary Edward 3637 SL250D MS9155
Science Math & Technology Ed
Gegenhuber Margaret 3886 MH150D MS9090
Program Manager A Office of Field Experience
Geisler Marc 3764 ES603 MS9099
Associate Dean, CHSS Humanities & Social Sciences
Gelhar Erik (360) 350-3508 SP MS9096
Stationary Engineer 2 Facilities Management
Gellert Carl FI116 MS9068
Genut Lindsey 6402 OM380 MS9029
Academic/Career Advisor Academic Advising Center
George Charles 3420 PP208 MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
Gerard Carly 3944 OM360 MS9028
IT App Development Web Communications Tech
Gerhart Ben 2678 CM124 MS9116
Warehouse Operator 1 Central Services
Gerhold George MS
Germain Roger MS
Theatre & Dance
Ghali Moheb MS9074
Ghan Laura 2863 BH422A MS9165
Program Coordinator Computer Science
Gialanella John 3423 AA252 MS9189
Assistant Professor Design
Gibbons Joseph 4539 EH109 MS9196
University Dining Services
Gibbs Donna 7995 OM490 MS9032
VP Univ Relations & Marketing University Relations
Gibson Dylan 7779 BH364 MS9061
Office Assistant 3 History
Gibson Emily 3400 CS233 MS9132
Staff Physician Student Health Center
Giffen Allison 2013 HU355 MS9055
Professor English
Gigot Jessica 2123 FH322 MS9118
Instructor Fairhaven College
Gilbert Anne 2801 OM404 MS9044
BFA Strat Plan & Implem Dir Business & Financial Affairs
Gilbert Brennan 7645 AI490 MS9172
Senior Instructor Psychology
Gilbertson David MS9071
Gilbertson John 2790 CB344 MS9150
Professor Chemistry
Gildner Jennifer 3164 OM540 MS9052
Psychologist 2 Counseling Center
Giles Scott 2855 AC241 MS1480
Sr Systems Analyst Enterprise Application Svcs
Gill David 7931 ET143 MS9086
Associate Professor Engineering & Design
Gilleland Shawna AC130 MS1420
Contracts Assistant Business Services
Gillham Pat 3006 AH502 MS9081
Associate Professor Sociology
Gilliam Jeffrey 3709 PA52 MS9107
Professor Music
Gilman Roger MS
Gilmore Sheryl 7783 CV100 MS9066
Head Softball Coach Athletics
Glatz Susanna 3707 ES603 MS9099
Administrative Assistant 3 Humanities & Social Sciences
Gleeson Madge MS
Glimm Tilmann 2933 BH228 MS9063
Professor Mathematics
Globerman Steve MS
Ctr International Business
Godden Kevin 3708 MH417A MS9187
Educational Administration
Godoy Sarah 3164 OM540 MS9052
Dir Counseling Center Counseling Center
Goebel Bruce 7364 HU277 MS9055
Professor English
Gogrof Andrea 4770 BH168 MS9064
Professor Global Humanities & Religions
Gold Rasmussen Laura 3450 VU MS9106
Custodian 3 Student Activities
Golden Jo 2494 OM200 MS9009
Sr Asst Director, Admissions Admissions
Gomez Angelo 6307 OM345 MS9021
Executive Director, CRTC Civil Right & Title IX Compliance
Gomez Stephanie 4879 CF293 MS9162
Assistant Professor Communication Studies
Gonzales Michael 4657 PP231 MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Gonzalez Antonya 6329 AI490 MS9172
Assistant Professor Psychology
Gonzalez Mario OM360 MS9028
Communications Consultant 2 Web Communications Tech
Gonzalez Martin MH400 MS9089
Instructor Secondary Education
Good Andrew 3467 BH192 MS9063
Senior Instructor Mathematics
Goodman Nicole 2477 OM330J MS9014
Compliance & HIPAA Officer Risk and Compliance Services
Goodnow Jasmine 2393 CV209E MS9067
Associate Professor Health & Human Development
Gosen Joe 3245 CF267 MS9161
Associate Professor Journalism
Gossett Gabe 7555 HH223 MS9103
Head of Res, Hacherl&Writing Western Libraries
Goto Stan 3191 MH416C MS9091
Associate Professor Health & Community Studies
Gouette Byron 4287 CV167 MS9114
Custodian 3 Facilities Management
Gour Pierre 3662 FI240A MS9068
Associate Professor Art
Gourdin Jessica 2284 CH107 MS9102
Fiscal Technician 2 Outreach & Continuing Education
Grabill Linda 2803 CB387B MS9164
Instructor Chemistry
Grady Thomas MS
Engineering & Design
Graham Jim 3177 AI440 MS9172
Professor Psychology
Granara Monica 7288 PH342 MS9072
Office Assistant 3 College of Business & Economic
Grandbouche Joshua 3909 PH326 MS9072
Data Consultant 1 College of Business & Economic
Granger Jamie 4657 PP231 MS9121
Fiscal Specialist Supervisor Facilities Management
Green Gregory 2844 ES522 MS9181
Environmental Studies
Green Jennifer 2395 MH304D MS9092
Associate Professor Elementary Education
Green Vincent 7640 PA273 MS9107
Senior Instructor Music
Greenberg Mark 3051 HH231A MS9103
Dean of Libraries Western Libraries
Greenlaw Heather 6400 BH437 MS9126
Administrative Assistant 3 Sciences & Technology
Griffith Jennifer 2242 CB389 MS9150
Senior Instructor Chemistry
Griggs Michelle 7432 OM200 MS9009
Program Coordinator Admissions
Grimm Jeff 3168 AI586 MS9172
Professor Psychology
Grimstead Eric (360) 778-1762 Bellingham MS4444
Sr Certified Business Advisor Small Business Development Ctr
Grote Frederick MS
Grubb Cecile 2919 ET267 MS9086
Research Associate, PCE Engineering & Design
Gruenert Jennifer 3668 AI280 MS9171
Speech Path/Audio Spec 1 Communication Science/Disorder
Gruman Diana 2221 AI472 MS9172
Associate Professor Psychology
Guddal Alexi 3070 CB270 MS9150
Program Coordinator Chemistry
Guenter-Schlesinger Sue 3307 OM345 MS9021
Special Assistant to Provost Equal Opp & Employ Diversity
Guess Carol 7385 HU301 MS9055
Professor English
Guevara Dioceline 6603 AC130 MS1420
Contracts Assistant Business Services
Gulyas Lee 6223 HU343 MS9055
Senior Instructor English
Gunkel Leise (425) 405-1630 Seattle MS3599
Teacher Ed Outreach Pgms
Gupta Dipu 6862 PA383 MS9108
Associate Professor Theatre & Dance
Gutierrez Renata 3081 OM230 MS9008
Program Coordinator Registrar's Office
Gutierrez Najera Lourdes 2553 AW312 MS9118
Associate Professor Fairhaven College
Gynan Shaw MS
Modern & Classical Languages

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