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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
Fagergren Samantha 3307 OM345 MS9021
Administrative Assistant 4 Equal Opp & Employ Diversity
Farquhar John 6538 HH121D MS9059
Director, ATUS Academic Technology
Farwell Marcia 4290 CS202 MS9132
Patient Services Lead Student Health Center
Farwell Rachel 2907 OM112 MS9004
Fiscal Specialist Supervisor Student Business Office
Fast Anne 6348 AI176 MS9172
Assistant Professor Psychology
Faulkner Constance MS
Fairhaven College
Favro Erik 3599 HH146 MS9059
IT Specialist 3 Academic Technology
Feeney Maggie 7918 OM560B MS9039
Health Promo & Comm Specialist Prevention & Wellness Services
Feinberg Richard MS
Feinberg Seth 3864 AH528 MS9081
Associate Professor Sociology
Feingold David 3516 PA145 MS9107
Professor Music
Fejeran Ashley 2635 OM430 MS9034
Administrative Assistant 3 WWU Foundation
Fekkes Katelyn 3555 CS MS9130
Campus Police Officer Public Safety
Feller Marlo 2791 CS 2nd Floor MS9132
Registered Nurse 2 Student Health Center
Fennimore Flora MS
Woodring College of Education
Fenwick Kevin 7399 CV154B MS9066
Sports Equipment Manager 2 Athletics
Feodorov John 2556 FA306 MS9118
Associate Professor Fairhaven College
Ferguson Dolora AC210A MS1450
Office Assistant 3 Telecommunications Services
Ferrario Cindy 7209 OM230C MS9008
Research & Data Systems Spec Registrar's Office
Ferreras-Stone Jessica 2251 MH302A MS9092
Instructor Elementary Education
Fetherolf Allyn 4271 BH418D MS9063
Instructor Mathematics
Fewings David 4815 PH303 MS9073
Finance & Marketing
Fiero Petra 4860 MH217A MS9097
Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Fillingim Angela 7213 AH509 MS9081
Assistant Professor Sociology
Finch Aoife 2861 AC231 MS1480
Syst Anlyst/Ast Database Admin Enterprise Application Svcs
Finch Suzann 7415 OM270B MS9006
Program Coordinator Financial Aid
Finch Tracey 6578 OM530 MS9038
Grant & Contract Coord Lead Research & Sponsored Programs
Finlay Janet 6717 AI572 MS9172
Associate Professor Psychology
Fishbook Olivia 3308 SV109 MS9098
Rec & Athletics Spec 2 Campus Recreation
Fisher Damien 7303 CV130 MS9066
Head Strength and Conditioning Athletics
Fisher Josh 4785 AH334 MS9083
Associate Professor Anthropology
Fisher Sarah 3336 MH300 MS9092
Elementary Education
Fitzgerald Julie 3038 HH320K MS9103
Program Manager B Western Libraries
Fitzgerald Meghan 7915 WL265A MS9103
Tutoring Center Coordinator Western Libraries
Fitzpatrick Tim 7290 PA39 MS9107
Professor Music
Fizzano Perry 3807 CF493 MS9165
Professor Computer Science
Flarry Emily 7494 OM586 MS9034
Fiscal Specialist 1 WWU Foundation
Flaton Zachary 3420 PP MS9114
Window Washer Facilities Management
Flege Keely 3313 MH150 MS9090
Program Coordinator Woodring College of Education
Flexer Bryce 3420 PP MS9114
Window Washer Facilities Management
Flick-Williams Diane 2849 CV230G MS9066
Head Women's Volleyball Coach Athletics
Flinn Ashley 4058 OM300 MS9009
IT Specialist 2 Admissions
Flittie Michael 6726 PH206B MS9077
Instructor Decision Sciences
Flores Diane 4240 OM280 MS9002
Program Coordinator Career Services Center
Flower Aquila 6487 AH202 MS9085
Associate Professor Environmental Studies
Fok Lillian 6308 PH409 MS9077
Associate Professor Decision Sciences
Fok Wing 2802 PH419E MS9072
Associate Dean, CBE College of Business & Economic
Foley Donna 6815 AC140 MS1420
Fiscal Analyst 2 Accounts Payable
Folk Holly 6875 BH158 MS9064
Associate Professor Liberal Studies
Folsom Gunnar 3130 PA273 MS9107
Instructor Music
Foltin Bela MS
Western Libraries
Folvag Tanner 4575 HS025 MS9197
Office of Sustainability
Fonda Rich BI135 MS9160
Forbes Gladys 7431 OM200 MS9009
Program Coordinator Admissions
Foreman Brady 2546 ES202 MS9080
Assistant Professor Geology
Forsberg Geri 4886 HU255 MS9055
Senior Instructor English
Foster Jennifer 3174 HH274 MS9103
Instructor Western Libraries
Foster Joyce 7400 Anacortes MS4042
Custodian 2 Facilities Management
Foster Michele 6439 AI256 MS9171
Office Support Supervisor 1 Communication Science/Disorder
Fotheringham Amy 7400 Anacortes MS4042
Admin Services Manager B Shannon Point Marine Center
Fox Margaret 7657 HU275 MS9055
Senior Instructor English
Fox Sheila MS
Special Education
Fraas Michael 7536 AI374 MS9171
Associate Professor Communication Science/Disorder
Frahn Lee Anne 4091 PA263 MS9107
Program Coordinator Music
Franklin Kara 7969 HS8B MS9127
Program Coordinator Copier Support
Franks Hillary 6353 CV201F MS9067
Assistant Professor Health & Human Development
Fraser Thistle June 6591 EA113 MS9195
Program Support Supervisor 2 Residence Life
Fredrickson Kerri 7400 Anacortes MS4042
Research Associate Shannon Point Marine Center
Freed Morgan 3202 PH451 MS9071
Admin Services Manager A Accounting
Freelan Stefan 2949 AH211 MS9085
Asst Dir Spatial Institute Environmental Studies
Freeland Patrick 3286 OM387B MS9024
Academic Support Coordinator Student Outreach Services
French Kristen 7313 MH302D MS9092
Associate Professor Elementary Education
Freshley Mimi 2626 OM585A MS9052
Case Mgr/Community Liaison Counseling Center
Fretheim Erik 6879 CF487 MS9165
Dir Computer/Info Syst Sec Pgm Computer Science
Friday Chris 4862 BH326 MS9061
Professor History
Friedland Yanara 2123 FA341 MS9118
Assistant Professor Fairhaven College
Friedrich Lisa 2392 OM306 MS9009
Communications Consultant 2 Admissions
Friesen John 7379 PA137 MS9107
Professor Music
Fritts Heather (425) 405-1644 Everett Community Center MS1288
Health & Community Studies
From Milton 6593 CF377 MS9164
Associate Professor Physics/Astronomy
Fromm Jazmin 3766 SV MS9098
Fiscal Technician 2 Campus Recreation
Fromm Marc 3351 OM240F MS9006
IT Specialist 3 Financial Aid
Frost Allen 4626 FI116 MS9068
Program Coordinator Art
Frost Deborah 7422 AC238F MS1480
Project Manager Enterprise Application Svcs
Frye David 4128 ET108 MS9086
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 4 Engineering & Design
Fuchs John 7336 CV230B MS9066
Head Womens Crew Coach/Coord Athletics
Fuller Diane 4002 AC144 MS1440
Fiscal Analyst 3 Accounting Services
Furlong Elaine 3050 HH231B MS9103
Admin Services Manager A Western Libraries
Furman John 3496 PP115 MS9121
Dir Facilities Management Facilities Management
Fury Molly 3008 AC210B MS1450
Telephone Comm Operator Lead Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs

Unless otherwise noted, (area code)-prefix is (360)-650.

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