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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
D'Auteuil Brian 4655 MH415B MS9089
Woodring College of Education
D'Eloia Melissa 3962 CV209F MS9067
Associate Professor Health & Human Development
Dade Karen 2425 MH402B MS9089
Professor Secondary Education
Daffron Sandy MS
Health & Community Studies
Dagnon Paula 2544 MH303E MS9092
Associate Professor Elementary Education
Dahl Aumony 6637 MH MS9092
Senior Instructor Elementary Education
Dahl Robyn 7207 ES340 MS9080
Assistant Professor Geology
Dahlberg Lina 4671 BI306 MS9160
Associate Professor Biology
Dahlstedt-Rienstra Tracy 7557 OM555 MS9039
Heath Educator Prevention & Wellness Services
Daines Vanessa 3396 OM475A MS9033
Administrative Assistant 2 Institutional Effectiveness
Dalberg Heather 7640 PA273 MS9107
Admin Services Manager A Music
Dales Ryan 4825 PH242 MS9071
Senior Instructor Accounting
Dalton Jennifer 4583 PH419 MS9072
Administrative Assistant 3 College of Business & Economics
Danforth Sam 4186 CB150 MS9150
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Chemistry
Daniels Glynn 3922 CH239 MS9102
Program Manager A Outreach & Continuing Education
Daniels Rita 6632 CF277 MS9162
Assistant Professor Communication Studies
Danyluk Liesl 2844 ES522 MS9181
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Environmental Sciences
Danysk Cecilia MS
Dao Thien 2408 EH119 MS9195
Secretary Senior University Residences
Darby Kate 6133 AH209 MS9085
Associate Professor Environmental Studies
Darling Rieko 3143 AI372 MS9171
Professor Communication Science/Disorder
Dashiell Dennis 7765 HU215 MS9054
Asst Dir Org/Prof Development Human Resources
Date Andrea 2923 EH103C MS9195
Admin Services Manager A University Residences
Daudon Marc AH303 MS9084
Institute for Energy Studies
David Julie 3745 VU684 MS9104
Bookstore General Manager Bookstore
Davidson Bernadette 3698 OM230 MS9008
Program Specialist 2 Registrar's Office
Davidson Heather 2280 CF299 MS9162
Senior Instructor Communication Studies
Davies Mark 2232 PA178 MS9107
Instructor Music
Davis Carmen 4588 PP304 MS9114
Procurement/Supply Sup Spec 3 Facilities Management
Davis Jeff 2900 VU547 MS9106
Mgr Lakewood Student Activities
Davis Kay 6525 CV130K MS9066
Administrative Assistant 3 Athletics
Davis Kelly PH419 MS9072
Davishahl Jill 3380 ET204 MS9086
Assistant Professor Engineering & Design
Dawe MaryLynn 4945 PP101A MS9122
Budget Analyst 2 Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Dawson Virginia BH418 MS9067
Assistant Professor Health & Human Development
Daymon Sherri (360) 778-1762 Bellingham MS4444
Business Research/Tech Ast Mgr Small Business Development Ctr
De La Garza Sindy 3400 CS 2nd Floor MS9132
Licensed Practical Nurse 2 Student Health Center
DeBari Susan 3588 ES237 MS9080
Professor Geology
DeChaine Eric 6575 BI237 MS9160
Professor Biology
DeMark Joanne 4187 VU432 MS9105
Leadership Dev Specialist LEADS
DeNicola Kathleen 4499 WL170F MS9019
Disability Access Manager Disability Access Center
DePoppe Tim 3420 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
DeVange Jennifer 3021 FH11 MS9106
Early Childhood Program Spec 2 Child Development Ctr
DeVol Jachan MW MS9114
Facilities Management
DeWees Deborah 3622 OM430K MS9199
AVP for Alum Rel/Ann Fund/Comm Alumni
DeWine James 3020 HH131 MS9059
IT System Admin - Journey Academic Technology
Dean Jessica 7319 OM560G MS9039
Program Assistant Prevention & Wellness Services
Dean-Crawford Erica 3232 HU325 MS9055
Program Coordinator English
Deardorff Kaimi 2921 EH108B MS9195
Program Specialist 2 University Residences
Dedourek Francis 2878 PP220 MS9114
Grounds & Nursery Serv Spec 2 Facilities Management
Deeney Megan 3453 BH428C MS9063
Senior Instructor Mathematics
Deguchi Masanori 4155 MH217E MS9097
Associate Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Delarosa Dolor 2111 AC111 MS9121
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Delarosa Juanito 3420 PP MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
Delker Brianna 7943 AI190 MS9172
Assistant Professor Psychology
Delucio Kevin 2349 FA317 MS9118
Assistant Professor Fairhaven College
Deneke Wesley 6160 CF495 MS9165
Assistant Professor Computer Science
Denham Kristin 3217 BH418D MS9190
Professor Linguistics
Dennett Nolan 3129 CM109 MS9060
Professor Dance Program
Deschene Marie 3805 CF495 MS9165
Instructor Computer Science
Deshaye Megan 3070 CB270 MS9150
Destler Kate 7350 AH406 MS9082
Associate Professor Political Science
Devenport Jennifer 2356 AI488 MS9172
Associate Professor Psychology
Deylami Shirin 2913 AH409 MS9082
Professor Political Science
Deysher Karen 2022 VU756 MS9106
Coord Stdt Adv & Id Res Centr Ethnic Student Center
Dhillon Sukhi 3400 CS 2nd Floor MS9132
Licensed Practical Nurse 2 Student Health Center
DiBenedetto Makayla 4250 VU 441 MS9196
University Dining Services
Diamanti Dimitri 3296 PP105 MS9122
Budget Analyst 2 Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Diaz Holly 6589 EH113C MS9195
Ast Dir ResLife/Acad Stu Engmt University Residences
Diaz Mitch 2445 AL204 MS9199
AD Dvlpmnt, Ldrshp Ann Giving Alumni
Diedesch Anna 3172 AI386 MS9171
Assistant Professor Communication Science/Disorder
Diehl Peter 3466 BH328 MS9061
Associate Professor History
Dienberg Craig 3420 PP213 MS9114
Electrician Facilities Management
Dietrich Dawn 3225 HU323 MS9055
Associate Professor English
Dillard Beth 3314 MH304A MS9092
Assistant Professor Elementary Education
Dillman Steven 3852 ET148 MS9086
Engineering & Design
Dillon Jon 4959 HH320Q MS9103
Communications Consultant 3 Western Libraries
Dimond James 7400 Anacortes MS4042
Educational Specialist 1- MACS Facilities Management
Dinnel Dale MS9172
Dixey Kevin 7225 HH154B MS9059
Instr Designer/Learning & Tech Academic Technology
Dlouhy John 3629 Herald Building MS9199
Dir Special Events Special Events
Do Khuyen 2111 AC111 MS9121
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Dolar Burak 2270 PH035 MS9071
Professor Accounting
Dolfo Carmen 7374 CV230L MS9066
Coach Womens Basketball/SWA Athletics
Dominguez Megan 2903 OM110 MS9004
Program Specialist 2 Student Business Office
Dominguez Tony 7769 CV230J MS9066
Head Men Bsktbl Coach Athletics
Donnellan Grant 3718 PA135 MS9107
Professor Music
Donnelly Alexis 6196 BI315 MS9160
Program Coordinator Biology
Donnelly Trevor 3805 CF MS9165
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Computer Science
Donovan Deborah 7251 BI310 MS9160
Professor Biology
Donovan Todd 3018 AH418 MS9082
Professor Political Science
Doran Barry 3450 VU547 MS9106
Custodian 1 VU Operations
Doran Keith 2278 PP244 MS9114
Utility Worker 2 Facilities Management
Dorough Scott 2412 PP406 MS9114
Campus Energy Mgr Facilities Management
Dorsey-Palmateer Reid 2676 PH303 MS9074
Assistant Professor Economics
Doucet Randy PH404 MS9075
Instructor Management
Dougan Rory 3107 HH MS9103
Library/Archive Paraprofess 3 Western Libraries
Dounas-Frazer Dimitri 3153 CF357 MS9164
Assistant Professor Physics/Astronomy
Dowd Heather 6267 MH MS9092
Instructor Elementary Education
Downing Thomas MS
Doyle Justin 3070 CB270 MS9150
Dozier Raine 2052 MH317D MS9091
Professor Health and Community Studies
Drake Brian (355) 355-6 EH119 MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Drickey Kirsten 4536 MH218F MS9097
Senior Instructor Modern & Classical Languages
Drum Dawna 6281 PH025 MS9071
Associate Professor Accounting
Du Rocher Schudlich Tina 7636 AI476 MS9172
Professor Psychology
Duarte Humberto 3420 PP203 MS9114
Painter Lead Facilities Management
Duarte Nayeli 3497 PP101 MS9121
Office Assistant 3 Facilities Management
Duarte Govea Javier 3420 PP203 MS9114
Painter Facilities Management
Dubenion-Smith Shannon 2038 MH223B MS9097
Associate Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Dudenbostel Ryan 7712 PA137 MS9107
Associate Professor Music
Dudley Eric 6480 CV231C MS9066
Asst Track and Field Coach Athletics
Dudzinski Mark 3046 ET149 MS9086
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Engineering & Design
Dunham Amy 7957 OM565 MS9039
Suicide Prevention Coord Prevention & Wellness Services
Dunham David 3024 CV230H MS9066
Asst Mens Basketball Coach Athletics
Dunn Craig 2593 PH317 MS9075
Professor Management
Dunn Paul 3472 OM440D MS9000
Chief of Staff/Sec to Board President's Office
Dunn Richard 3336 MH300 MS9092
Elementary Education
Duplantis Kasoma 7231 MH050 MS9114
Custodian 2 Facilities Management
Dupont Brandon 2058 PH337 MS9074
Professor Economics
Dupree Louis 6609 AW202 MS9114
Control Technician Facilities Management
Durham Yvonne 2794 PH331 MS9074
Professor Economics
Dustin Rich 4997 AC215B MS1450
IT Network & Telecoms Enterprise Infrastructure Svcs
Dutra Mesquita Sidney 4657 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Dvorak Rich 4532 OM110 MS9004
Fiscal Specialist Supervisor Business & Financial Affairs
Dvorak Windy Paige 7393 OM433C MS9034
Administrative Assistant 3 University Advancement
Dwyer Sean 3836 MH216C MS9097
Senior Instructor Modern & Classical Languages
Dyer Sonja 7600 VU686 MS9104
Fiscal Technician 3 Bookstore
de Almeida Cristina 3438 FI127 MS9189
Professor Design
deKubber Lori 2301 SV146 MS9098
Trainer Athletic Campus Recreation

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