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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
Babcock Scott MS
Bach Andy 4774 AH226 MS9085
Professor Environmental Studies
Backstrom Bonnie 7352 CS 2nd Floor MS9132
Licensed Practical Nurse 2 Student Health Center
Bade Karen 3937 AC121 MS1410
Program Manager B Outreach & Continuing Education
Badgett Frances 2190 OM420 MS9199
Asst Dir, Comm and Mktg Alumni
Bagley Mark 3612 OM430J MS9034
Sr Director for Fundraising WWU Foundation
Bailey Greg 4797 BT MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Bailey Joanna 7593 HH320 MS9103
Library/Archive Paraprofess 4 Western Libraries
Bailey Joe 3555 CS112 MS9130
Campus Police Sergeant Police
Bajwa Deepinder 7309 PH439 MS9077
Professor Decision Sciences
Bajwa Jyoti 3068 134 MS1420
Contracts Specialist 2 Business Services
Baker Chris 2253 MH405 MS9111
Graphic Designer Senior Ofc of Communications/Mrkting
Baker Katherine 6726 PH206B MS9077
Senior Instructor Decision Sciences
Baker Kristine 4000 AH444 MS9128
Program Specialist 2 Morse Institute for Leadership Stud
Baker Mary 6671 CA106 MS9110
Assistant Professor Canadian-American Studies
Baker Suzanne 2976 FA342 MS9118
Curriculum and Records Manager Fairhaven College
Bakker Wayne 2003 OM365A MS9028
IT App Development - Journey Web Communications Tech
Baldridge Kris 2176 MH301A MS9092
Program Assistant Elementary Education
Baldridge Tom 7595 OM265C MS9006
Management Analyst 4 Financial Aid
Ballew Laural 3110 OM492 MS9032
Exec Dir, AI/AN, Liaison Pres University Relations
Baloy Chad 2278 PP244 MS9114
Grounds & Nursery Serv Spec 2 Facilities Management
Baloy Natalie 4871 CA202 MS9110
Asst Dir Canada House Programs Border Policy Research Inst
Balz Sarah 7654 OM304 MS9009
IT Business Analysis Admissions
Bane Carissa 4335 OM380G MS9029
Co- Coord Advising Services Academic Advising Center
Banham Timothy 2296 BH423 MS9063
Instructor Mathematics
Banson Justice 4009 CF495 MS9165
Instructor Computer Science
Bao Ying 3146 CB243 MS9150
Assistant Professor Chemistry
Barahona Max 7989 CF299 MS9162
Instructor Communication Studies
Barber DeGraaff Regina 3832 CF355 MS9164
Stem Inclusion & Outreach Spec Physics/Astronomy
Barham Jacelyn 3642 EH123 MS9039
Asst Risk Reduction Specialist Prevention & Wellness Services
Barklind Maggie 2117 CH101 MS9102
Sr Dir Admin Services Outreach & Continuing Education
Barnard Rick 2334 BH184B MS9063
Assistant Professor Mathematics
Barnes Juliet 6522 ES131 MS9076
Program Support Supervisor 2 AMSEC
Barnett Ron 7924 PA161 MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Barnhart Charles 4423 ES337 MS9181
Associate Professor Environmental Sciences
Barnhart Theresa 2220 AC140 MS1440
Fiscal Analyst 3 Accounting Services
Barr Michael 4170 OM530H MS9037
Associate Dean Graduate School
Barrett Louis 3837 CF365 MS9164
Barrows David 6650 WL170 MS9019
Exam & Classroom Services Mgr Disability Access Center
Barry Jonathan 3164 OM540 MS9052
Mental Health Counselor Counseling Center
Barse AJ 7222 HH225 MS9059
IT Customer Support Academic Technology
Barthold Bonnie MS
Bartlett Martha 7423 VU686 MS9104
Fiscal Analyst 4 Bookstore
Bash Jon 3130 PA273 MS9107
Instructor Music
Baskentli Sara 6316 PH447 MS9073
Assistant Professor Finance & Marketing
Bass David 7707 HH320N MS9103
Sr Dev for Digital Initiatives Western Libraries
Bastow Kathy MS4444
Certified Business Advisor Small Business Development Ctr
Bateman Diane 3917 OM481 MS9033
Adm Asst to Vice Prov IT/CIO Academic Affairs
Bates Jeff 7281 VU415 MS9106
Program Support Supervisor 2 Student Activities
Bates Vale 3994 OM265B MS9006
Office Support Supervisor 2 Financial Aid
Batingan Sabrina 2368 HG176 MS9195
University Residences
Baughn Debbi 3561 AC118 MS1430
Program Manager A Business & Financial Systems
Bauman Jenise (360) 394-2756 ES522 MS9181
Associate Professor Environmental Sciences
Baumann Molly 2578 MH301C MS9092
Program Coordinator Elementary Education
Baumgardner Douglas 3070 CB270 MS9150
Beard Lisa 2909 AH403 MS9082
Assistant Professor Political Science
Beardsall Rebecca 2033 OM490 MS9032
Dir of Marketing University Relations & Marketing
Beasley Bruce 3255 HU261 MS9055
Professor English
Beck Myrl 3582 ES240 MS9080
Beckman Linda 7417 OM445 MS9001
Div Dir, Financial & Capital Enrollment & Student Services
Bedi Akanksha (360) 394-2712 Poulsbo MS1601
Assistant Professor Extended Education
Behling Shawn 3277 AH223 MS9085
Instructor Environmental Studies
Belfield Katie 2312 EH109 MS9196
University Dining Services
Bell Michael 4979 HU367 MS9055
Senior Instructor English
Bengtson Kevin (425) 405-1658 Everett MS1288
Instructor Health and Community Studies
Bengtsson Jeniene 6460 Herald Building MS9199
Assoc Dir Alumni Const Rel Alumni
Benner Rick 3550 PP112A MS9122
Dir Facilities/Dvlpmt/Cap Budg Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Bennett Luke 7988 CV230A MS9066
Head Men's/Women's Golf Coach Athletics
Bennett Megan 7343 AI354 MS9171
Speech Path/Audio Spec 2 Communication Science/Disorder
Bennett Steve 4268 CV182B MS9067
Assistant Professor Health & Human Development
Benson Earl 3375 PH433 MS9073
Professor Finance & Marketing
Benyi Arpad 3710 BH218 MS9063
Professor Mathematics
Berardi Gigi 2106 AH204 MS9085
Professor Environmental Studies
Bereal Edmond MS
Berg Kelly 3420 PP208 MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
Berg Richard MS
Berger Robert 4327 CB240 MS9150
Associate Professor Chemistry
Berger Spencer 4358 CB281 MS9150
Senior Instructor Chemistry
Berget Andrew 4510 BH214 MS9063
Associate Professor Mathematics
Bergler Don 7998 PP232 MS9114
Facilities Engineer 2 Facilities Management
Bernardo-Hinesley Sheryl 4852 MH122A MS9097
Assistant Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Bernhardt Paul FI 116 MS9068
Instructor Design
Bertels Tracey 6830 CH111 MS9102
Program Support Supervisor 2 Outreach & Continuing Education
Berzal de Dios Javier 3733 FI119 MS9068
Professor Art
Bettis Jennifer 3253 CF255 MS9161
Admin Services Manager A Journalism
Bhattacharjee Dharitri 3139 BH324 MS9061
Assistant Professor History
Bhumber Gurmit 3154 OM437 MS9121
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Bianco Christopher 4076 PA054 MS9107
Professor Music
Biggs Ronna 2441 OM311 MS9016
Program Director, NSS/FO New Student Services
Bingham Brian 2845 AH408 MS4042
Director Marine & Coastal Scns Marine and Coastal Sciences
Binney Elizabeth BI315 MS9160
Senior Instructor Biology
Bisconer Michael 3420 PP209 MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 1 Facilities Management
Bishop Maddie 3313 MH150N MS9090
Program Coordinator WCE Certification
Bishop William 3420 PP MS9114
Laborer 1 Facilities Management
Biswas Bidisha 6596 AH411 MS9082
Professor Political Science
Black Kamea 6132 HS026 MS9197
Program Coordinator Office of Sustainability
Blackwell Les MS
Woodring College of Education
Blackwood Brian (360) 453-9 EH109 MS9196
University Dining Services
Blais Suzanne 2746 OM370B MS9011
Mgr Digital Media Pro & Dev Ofc of Communications/Mrkting
Blanchard Anne (425) 405-1644 Everett MS1288
Senior Instructor Health and Community Studies
Blank Hannah 3034 CH03 MS9112
Communications Consultant 1 Honors Program
Blick Andrew 2841 CH213 MS9102
Director of Technology Outreach & Continuing Education
Blick Anna 3683 FA345 MS9118
Academic Support Services Mgr Fairhaven College
Blietz Diane 7981 CF297 MS9162
Senior Instructor Communication Studies
Blizzard Kate 6515 ES240 MS9080
Admin Services Manager B Geology
Block Erika 2689 PA031 MS9107
Instructor Music
Blue Alexis 6297 PP108F MS9122
Asst Dir, Facilities Dev Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Blue Amanda MH400 MS9089
Instructor Woodring College of Education
Bocek Gary 3420 PP208 MS9114
Maintenance Mechanic 2 Facilities Management
Bodamer Chelsea 6235 CH212 MS9102
Events Coordinator 3 Extended Education
Bode Brent 4346 OM200 MS9009
Asst Dir, Admissions Admissions
Bodensteiner Leo 7375 ES442 MS9181
Professor Environmental Sciences
Bodo Lilla (360) 475-7507 Engineering 115B MS1699
Program Coordinator Health & Community Studies
Bohn Nathan 2991 HU239 MS9054
HR Consultant Assistant 2 Human Resources
Boland Elizabeth (425) 405-1645 Everett MS1288
Professor Health and Community Studies
Bond Nathaniel 4394 MH222B MS9097
Instructor Modern & Classical Languages
Bons Arielle 3555 CS MS9130
Communications Officer 1 Public Safety
Booth Phaedra 2377 ES323 MS9079
Dir of Development, HUX & MSP University Advancement
Borda Emily 3637 SL220 MS9155
Director of SMATE Chemistry
Bordoloi Samit 2122 MH316A MS9091
Associate Professor Health & Community Studies
Borowski Rebecca 4232 BH436 MS9063
Assistant Professor Mathematics
Bortuzzo Lorrie 4133 VU755 MS9106
Western Success Scholar PM Student Success Initiatives
Bossert Evan 4576 PP244 MS9114
Utility Worker 2 Facilities Management
Boudreaux Andrew 7383 CF369 MS9164
Professor Physics/Astronomy
Boughton Karla Poulsbo MS1601
Extended Education
Bourne Patty 2217 PA045 MS9107
Professor Music
Bow Justin 2278 PP244 MS9141
Grounds & Nursery Serv Spec 2 Facilities Management
Bowe Brian J 6763 CF259 MS9161
Associate Professor Journalism
Bower John 7217 FA320B MS9118
Dean of Fairhaven College Fairhaven College
Bower Lorna 3881 AI256 MS9171
Office Assistant 3 Communication Science/Disorder
Bowers Stephanie 2055 OM430F MS9034
VP for Univ Advancement WWU Foundation
Bowman Leanna 3996 OM230 MS9008
Data Consultant 4 Registrar's Office
Boxberger Daniel MS9083
Boyd Kathryn 2864 CH112 MS9102
Fiscal Technician 3 Outreach & Continuing Education
Boyd Tess 2124 AL202 MS9199
Asst Dir Dgtl/Phon Campgns Alumni
Boyer Bruce 2947 CS135 MS9070
Mgr Claims Environmental Health & Safety
Bradford Edward 3708 MH419C MS9187
Instructor Educational Administration
Bradford Kendra 4192 BI254 MS9160
Instruct/Clsrm Support Tech 3 Biology
Brady James 4965 SP200 MS9114
Maintenance Specialist 4 Facilities Management
Bragg Robert 3515 AI532 MS9172
Research Technologist 3 Psychology
Brawley Holli 3101 BI171 MS9114
Control Technician Facilities Management
Brearley Diane 3910 PH315 MS9074
Admin Services Manager A Economics
Brennan Carrie 6274 Bremerton MS1699
Assistant Professor Elementary Education
Brennan Lisa 3958 PP108 MS9122
Communications Consultant 2 Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Bressette Sky 3333 HH123 MS9059
Computer Assistant 2 ATUS
Brewer Geordon 3261 CF305 MS9164
Engineering Technician Lead Physics/Astronomy
Brian Kathleen 7706 BH159A MS9064
Instructor Global Humanities & Religions
Brickham Dana (425) 405-1642 Everett MS1288
Associate Professor Health and Community Studies
Bright Kelley 7400 Anacortes MS4042
Research Associate Shannon Point Marine Center
Brilla Lorrie 3056 CV201L MS9067
Professor Health & Human Development
Brinson Maren 6195 BI315 MS9160
Program Coordinator Biology
Brisbon Greg 6597 CV230E MS9066
Mens Head Soccer Coach Athletics
Broach Kai 7515 HS025 MS9197
Web Developer 2 Office of Sustainability
Broadhurst Ginny 4075 CA203 MS9110
Dir, Salish Sea Studies Inst Salish Sea Institute
Brock Molly 3556 EH MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Brockhaus Henrich MS
Modern & Classical Languages
Brodhagen Marion 2920 CB282 MS9160
Professor Biology
Brodsky Zoey 3301 OM230 MS9008
Forms & Records Analyst 1 Registrar's Office
Brog Kathryn 3770 CM119 MS5996
Mail Processing-Driver Mail Services
Broker Linnea 7554 HS048 MS9101
Network Manager Campus Compact
Brones John 2296 BH423 MS9063
Instructor Mathematics
Bronsema Max 4868 OM360A MS9028
Director, WebTech Web Communications Tech
Brovak Mark 4283 OM430N MS9034
Senior Director and COO University Advancement
Brown Angela 3918 MH223 MS9097
Program Coordinator Modern & Classical Languages
Brown Heather 7544 MH214 MS9078
Administrative Assistant 3 Inst for Global Engagement
Brown Herbert MS
Brown Justina 7210 HH154F MS9059
Instructional Designer Academic Technology
Brown Megan 6688 MH302C MS9092
Program Coordinator Elementary Education
Brown Ned 3582 ES240 MS9080
Brown Nicole 3014 HU311 MS9055
Associate Professor English
Brown Rich 7320 PA287 MS9108
Professor Theatre Arts
Brown Sandy 4233 OM290 MS9002
Career Counselor Career Services Center
Browne Deran 7306 HH246 MS9059
Mgr Digital Media Center Academic Technology
Browning Ryan 2877 PP302 MS9121
Technology Operations Manager Facilities Management
Bruce Richard 6517 MH212A MS9078
Dir Int'l Student/Scholar Svcs Int'l Student & Scholar Svcs
Bruce Tim 3090 MH418C MS9187
Assistant Professor Special Ed/Ed Leadership
Brueske Chris 2788 PP226 MS9121
Asst Dir Facil Maint & Ops Facilities Management
Brummel Steve 7758 CV130J MS9066
Sr. Associate Athletic Dir Athletics
Bruna Sean 2290 AH316 MS9083
Associate Professor Anthropology
Brusven Tessa
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Music
Bryant Cara 3536 HU207 MS9054
Onboarding & Learning Tech Human Resources
Bryant Duane 3475 EH MS9195
Custodian 1 University Residences
Bryant Matt 2982 OM280M MS9002
Division Assessment Consultant Student Success Initiatives
Bryenton Jason 3806 BH006B MS9079
Engineering Technician 2 Scientific Technical Services
Bryson Derek 2159 OM370E MS9011
Graphic Designer Senior Ofc of Communications/Mrkting
Bryson Meagan 2161 OM380 MS9029
Asst Dir Advising Services Academic Advising Center
Buckley Patrick 4773 AH222 MS9085
Professor Environmental Studies
Buckman Katrina 3856 WL392 MS9103
Head, Tutoring Center Western Libraries
Buddhadev Harsh 4115 CV201H MS9067
Associate Professor Health & Human Development
Bugarin Gabriel 2564 HU MS9055
Grad Teaching/Research Asst English
Bulcroft Rick 3005 AH529 MS9081
Associate Professor Sociology
Bundy Brick 3420 PP212 MS9114
Plumber/Pipefitter/Steamfitter Facilities Management
Bungard Ryan 3420 PP212 MS9114
Plumber/Pipeftr/Steamftr Lead Facilities Management
Bunke Rachel 3990 OM275A MS9006
Financial Aid Counselor-Pell Financial Aid
Bunn Andy 4252 ES436 MS9181
Professor Environmental Sciences
Bunn Rebecca 4597 ES334 MS9181
Associate Professor Environmental Sciences
Buonocore-Elvstad Alecia 2617 PH240 MS9071
Burdette Deming 3414 PP MS9114
Painter Facilities Management
Burdette Teena 4657 PP MS9114
Custodian 1 Facilities Management
Burdick Aidan 4127 ES56 MS9080
Grad Teaching/Research Asst Geology
Burgess Dawn 3197 AI380 MS9171
Speech Path/Audio Spec 2 Communication Science/Disorder
Burgess Don 2482 MH402D MS9089
Professor Science Math & Technology Ed
Burke Heather 2425 MH254F MS9088
Instructor Elementary Education
Burke Susan 2617 PH240 MS9074
Instructor Economics
Burkhart Michelle 2550 CH251 MS9102
Senior Instructor Outreach & Continuing Education
Burmester Russ ES429 MS9080
Burn Lisa 3388 MH150J MS9090
Program Specialist 2 WCE Certification
Burnett Michael MS
Fairhaven College
Burns Gary 6294 MH204C MS9094
Fiscal Specialist 2 Education Abroad
Burns Julia 6863 VU541 MS9105
Mgr, Off Campus Living Off-Campus Living
Burt Clinton 3414 PP201 MS9114
Painter Supervisor Facilities Management
Burton Brian 3389 OM470A MS9033
Assoc VP for Academic Affairs Provost's Office
Burton Heather 2054 OM270 MS9006
Program Assistant Financial Aid
Burtz Randall 7572 CV209D MS9067
Associate Professor Health & Human Development
Bushelle Emi 4954 BH344 MS9061
Assistant Professor History
Bushelle Ethan 7761 BH418F MS9064
Assistant Professor Global Humanities & Religions
Bussard Robert 7607 PA376C MS9107
Library/Archive Paraprofess 4 College Fine & Performing Arts
Bussell Mark 3145 CB445 MS9150
Professor Chemistry
Butler Tom Poulsbo MS1601
Extended Education
Bybee Blanche 3647 SL220 MS9155
Mgr SMATE Science Math & Technology Ed
Bybee Lauriel 3981 MH201D MS9040
Instructor Special Education
Bye Dan 2019 OM230 MS9008
Administrative Assistant 3 Registrar
Byers Annie 3460 VU504 MS9106
Program Coordinator VU Operations
Byers Tristen 3671 PP110 MS9122
Interior Designer Facilities Dev/Capital Budget
Byrd Kathleen 2564 HU MS9055
Byrne Christina 7945 AI474 MS9172
Associate Professor Psychology
Byrnes Cameron 4576 PP244 MS9114
Utility Worker 2 Facilities Management

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