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Last First Phone Office MS
Job Title Dept Email
Abdelrhman Samir 4896 CB201D MS9150
Instructor Chemistry
Abedi Amir 2912 AH415A MS9082
Professor Political Science
Abel Troy (360) 739-6596 AH208 MS9085
Professor Urban & Environmental Planning & Po
Abernathy Charlotta 3083 WL170 MS9019
Office Assistant 3 Disability Access Center
Abrashi Miranda 3072 CB270 MS9150
Program Coordinator Chemistry
Abustan Paulina Theresa 6305 MH415D MS9100
Visiting Assistant Professor Women Gender Sexuality Studies
Acevedo-Gutierrez Alejandro 3653 BI309 MS9160
Professor Biology
Ackerland Emily 2044 OM120 MS9019
Disability Access Manager DisAbility Resources
Afshari Reza 2906 ET342 MS9086
Electronics Technician 4 Engineering & Design
Agnew Sydney VC029 MS9196
Dining Services
Aguon Aileen 4948 EH109 MS9196
University Dining Services
Ahmed Shameem 2624 CF491 MS9165
Associate Professor Computer Science
Airth Paula 3580 AA264 MS9189
Associate Professor Design
Akinrinade Babafemi 2893 FA337 MS9118
Professor Fairhaven College
Akinrinade Dolapo 2728 OM126F MS9015
Public Recs Ofc/Univ Pol Mgr President's Office
Akter Syeda CF465 MS9165
Instructor Computer Science
Albans Chad 3873 HH320A MS9103
IT Customer Support - Journey Academic Technology
Albero Tapias Marina 2519 PA273 MS9107
Instructor Music
Albertson Beth 4472 AC242 MS1450
Dir, Information Security IT Security Office
Albertson Zander 6139 AH452 MS9085
Instructor Environmental Studies
Alcantara Ida BH MS9063
Instructor Mathematics
Alden Edward 7929 PH344A MS9170
Instructor Management
Alderfer Cristina 3885 AI394 MS9171
Communication Science & Disorders
Alexander Eric 3451 VU545 MS9106
Exec Dir, Student Engagement VU Operations
Alexander Marian MS
Western Libraries
Alexander Tonya 2330 BH437C MS9126
Operations Manager, CSE CSE
Alfers Sandra 7427 WL572 MS9097
Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Alfonso Tim 2978 HH146 MS9059
IT Customer Support - Journey Academic Technology
Algeddawy Tarek 3447 ET313 MS9086
Associate Professor Engineering & Design
Allen Jordan 2890 EA113 MS9195
Resident Director Residence Life
Allen Kerry 4026 CH241 MS9102
Program Director, AUAP Outreach & Continuing Education
Aller Warren 3343 MH417CC MS9187
Senior Instructor Special Ed/Ed Leadership
Alper Don AH415 MS
Political Science
Alqudah Sura 7703 ET311 MS9086
Associate Professor Engineering & Design
Alten Kristin 3849 OM380 MS9029
Academic/Career Advisor Academic Advising Center
Alter Olga 3766 SV MS9098
Custodian 1 Campus Recreation
Amacher Jeanine 4397 CB388 MS9150
Assistant Professor Chemistry
Amendt-Raduege Amy 7657 HU277 MS9055
Instructor English
Ames Evelyn 3106 MS
Health & Human Development
Amiran Edoh 3487 BH220 MS9063
Associate Professor Mathematics
Amos Colin 3587 ES441 MS9080
Associate Professor Geology
Amundsen Darrel 3929 MH223 MS9097
Modern & Classical Languages
Amundson Garth 3436 FI206 MS9068
Professor Art
Anderson Amy 3799 BH172 MS9063
Associate Professor Mathematics
Anderson Charles 3458 BH356 MS9061
Associate Professor History
Anderson Katherine 3761 HU361 MS9055
Assistant Professor English
Anderson Kathryn MS
Fairhaven College
Anderson Kristin 7219 AH522 MS9081
Professor Sociology
Anderson Leland 3826 AC237 MS1480
Sr Systems Analyst Enterprise Application Svcs
Anderson Michele 6409 OM460 MS9000
Event & Logistics Coordinator President's Office
Anderson Rachel 3305 PA283 MS9108
Sewing & Alterations Supv Theatre Arts
Anderson Roger 3992 BI311 MS9160
Anderson Victoria 3793 BH238 MS9063
Senior Instructor Mathematics
Andreassen Angela 2785 PH419 MS9072
Operations Manager, CBE College of Business & Economic
Andrews Rachael 3932 EA108 MS9195
Custodian 1 UR-Residence Life
Anisman Ezra FA MS9118
Instructor Fairhaven College
Annett Carrie 4288 CB270 MS9150
Admin Services Manager C Chemistry
Antholt Sharron MS
Anthony-Cahill Spencer 3152 CB441 MS9150
Professor Chemistry
Antos John 2271 CB440 MS9150
Associate Professor Chemistry
Appleton Amy 3011 OM380E MS9029
Co- Coord Advising Services Academic Advising Center
Araki-Kawaguchi Kiik 6605 HU271 MS9055
Assistant Professor English
Aranda Blanca 2528 MH128 MS9097
Associate Professor Modern & Classical Languages
Araniva Mauricio 2094 MH217C MS9097
Senior Instructor Modern & Classical Languages
Arellano Shawn 3634 BI137 MS9160
Associate Professor Biology
Armstrong Soule Cat 4685 PH403 MS9073
Associate Professor Finance & Marketing
Arnold Ron 4248 SV149 MS9098
Fitness/Instructional Prog Adv Campus Recreation
Arps Dale 3218 PP MS9114
Maintenance Specialist 4 Facilities Management
Arthur Deborah 3611 MH250C MS9088
Operations Manager, Woodring Woodring College of Education
Arthur-Cameselle Jessyca 2125 CV202E MS9067
Professor Health & Human Development
Arutunian Leslie 6148 ES539 MS9079
Huxley College
Asbjornsen Amber 3616 BH437A MS9126
Director of Development, CSE WWU Foundation
Asher Charles 7990 HH320 MS9103
Library/Archive Paraprofess 3 Western Libraries
Asher Emily 2448 PA273 MS9107
Instructor Music
Assink Melinda 3547 OM460 MS9033
Asst Provost/VP AA Provost's Office
Atkins Jesse 6413 PP305 MS9121
Technology Operations Manager Facilities Management
Atkinson Mari (425) 328-8433 MH150 MS9090
University Intern Coordinator Woodring College of Education
Auer David MS
Decision Sciences
Aughtman LaQuae 4116 EA113 MS9195
Resident Director Residence Life
Aune Lea 7763 HU221 MS9054
Interim Dir of Human Resources Human Resources
Aydelotte Alexis 2020 BH327 MS9061
Grad Teaching/Research Asst History
Ayivi Fabrice 2809 OM490 MS9032
Graphic Designer Senior University Relations & Marketing
Ayre Kimberley 3377 OM411 MS9044
Budget and Process Analyst Budget Office

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